Jeanie Buss’ thirst posting from 2009 resurfaces, causing ruckus among NBA fans: “Imagine if a man tweeted like this”

Controlling owner and Lakers’ president Jeanie Buss is currently under fire after some of her unprofessional social media activity has resurfaced online. NBA fans and Twitter users rushed to bash the executive for her inappropriate comments and statements.

The Los Angeles Lakers are owned by the Buss Family Trust, which consists of Jeanie Buss and her five siblings. As the controlling owner of the glorious franchise, she plays a pivotal role in the activities and smooth functioning of the team. However, with her past activity brought to light, it is far from smooth for the Lakers’ president.

Jeanie Buss gets called out for inappropriate Tweets

As her Twitter activity from 2009 resurfaced, Lakers’ owner Jeanie Buss is in the middle of speculation after NBA fans and Twitter users criticized the executive for her unprofessional conduct. On December 12, 2009, Buss took to Twitter to recall her interaction with former NBA player Johnny Flynn. Jeanie wrote, “Met Jonny Flynn of Minnesota Timberwolves before game. If I had # 1 pick I would draft him. He is a cutie.”

Jeanie Buss
NBA fans bashed the executive for her unprofessional conduct via Getty Images

Buss’ erratic comments regarding the former NBA player stunned NBA fans, who seemed lost for words. However, this wasn’t Buss’ only tweet brought to light. Two years later, on January 28, 2011, the executive openly commented on her reactions to a Kevin Love commercial while also expressing her love for former NBA player Lamar Odom.

In a flirtatious manner, Jeanie Buss wrote, “@kevinlove your commercial spot is sexy fun- give us more! But @reallamarodom is still my favorite NBA forward.”

NBA fans reacted to the tweet and reminded Buss of her position as the Lakers’ president. Some fans even went to the extent of asking the NBA to force a sale of the Lakers, considering how Buss was demeaning the brand of the league.

A user said, “Imagine if a man tweeted like this about women in sports and media… he would be canceled and called a predator.” Another user urged Buss to focus on the Lakers’ poor performances this season saying, “Jeanie we are losing to teams that might not win the Danish League can you focus for one SECOND like”

While another user called for more stringent measures, “@NBA this is completely unacceptable behaviour from AN OWNER. Objectifying and mistreating the hardworking players of the league. Just another Donald Sterling and Robert Sarver situation. THE LEAGUE MUST FORCE A SALE OF THE LAKERS. She is TARNISHING the NBA BRAND.”

With tweets resurfacing, it does not seem to be giving Jeanie Buss and the Buss Family a good look in front of the world, especially the NBA fans or the Lakers faithful. Previously, Jeanie Buss revealed the truth to her alleged dating history with of the greatest defenders of the game, Dennis Rodman.

Jeanie Buss clarified relationship status with Denise Rodman

Lakers president Jeanie Buss previously denied all rumors of a romance with former Bulls legend Dennis Rodman during his time with the Lakers. Buss strongly denied Rodman’s claims that the duo dated for about six months and suggested that her father Jerry Buss had assigned her to keep an eye on the player’s whereabouts due to his extensive track record of abandoning his basketball duties to be present at flamboyant parties.

Jeanie Buss
Buss was previously rumored to be dating former Lakers’ star Dennis Rodman via Associated Press

Speaking on the dating claims, Jeanie remarked, “I did not date Dennis Rodman, I mean yes, in other words, when my dad [former Lakers owner Jerry Buss] brought on Dennis Rodman to the team it was kind of like, ‘Let’s make sure that we know where he is at all times.’”

Dennis Rodman
Buss denied any romance with the player and said she only kept an eye on him as per her father’s request via NBAE

Buss emphasized that there was no romance with the elite rebounder and that any connection with the star was purely an assignment given to her by her father, Jerry Buss.

What are your opinions on the resurfaced tweets of Jeanie Buss? Should the NBA step in and take action against the Lakers executive? We are eager to know your thoughts on the issue so please feel free to comment below.

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