Jets QB Aaron Rodgers discusses his mindset on injury vs. Bills after successful surgery on his Achilles

The New York Jets had a harsh awakening from a sweet dream in which they were speculating about a reigning era for Aaron Rodgers following his season-ending injury. It cast a shadow on their sky-high aspirations for winning their second Lombardi Trophy.

Though the night might be long, it has an ending as well, which the former Green Bay Packers star player hinted at in his recent interview. A-Rod also shared some positive thoughts regarding the discussion of his recovery timeline and rehab plan.

Aaron Rodgers discusses his mindset on injury and potential comeback

Aaron Rodgers tore his Achilles tendon in the New York Jets’ debut game at MetLife Stadium after being sacked by a Buffalo Bill’s player. The four-time MVP was categorized as having a season-ending injury after just four plays in New York City following the MRI results.

Meanwhile, the 39-year-old had already undergone surgery to bounce back as soon as possible, and in his recent appearance on the “Pat McAfee Show”, the quarterback revealed his road to recovery. Aaron claimed that, in the locker room, he had some degree of certainty about his season-ending injury before the MRI results became public.

Although the Jets’ new offensive coordinator’s NFL career is already coming to an end, he declared his aim and determination to fight fiercely to soon make a comeback. A-Rod appeared adamant about beating the rehab process on his appearance in the show, despite the fact that it was a lengthy and challenging process.

“I popped my calf a few times, especially the soleus and this was not that sensation, so I knew right away this was not a good situation, so and I’ve known about this situation, this rehab I’ve had friends who’ve done it, fellow competitors who I know who’ve done it and have come back from it.”

Aaron joined the Jets after accomplishing a stellar 18-year career in Green Bay due to a misunderstanding with the team management.

Jets QB Aaron Rodgers gives positive injury update on his Achilles surgery

Rodgers and the Jets have only one Super Bowl title, hence this season they tied the knot to make it two. Though he is already out of the season due to injury, the star player didn’t give up hope and instead drove to Los Angeles the following day to see Dr. Neal ElAttrache for surgery.

However, the Jet’s superstar revealed that following the injury he is now better position to claim his comeback soon.

“Then the sun rose the next day and I found myself in L.A. and had surgery on Wednesday and since then I’ve been feeling better.”

Aaron Rodgers

During the appearance, McAfee about his possible comeback in this season or playoffs. Rodgers gave him a cold shoulder in response to this question, keeping it under wraps saying, ‘anything is possible.’

How soon do you think Aaron Rodgers will be able to don the Jets jersey once more? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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