Jets star QB Aaron Rodgers’ cryptic IG post on his comeback from injury sends shockwaves throughout the NFL world

Aaron Rodgers’s journey with the New York Jets met with a terrible setback in their first year together. His season-ending Achilles injury forced him to pass the torch to the team’s inexperienced quarterback, Zach Wilson.

The Jets, meanwhile, have not lost hope of making it to the Super Bowl this year, even without Rodgers, who helped to initially raise those hopes with a three-game winning streak. Amidst all of this, their offensive leader made an appearance with a cryptic message that seemed to hint at his potential return.

Aaron Rodgers’ cryptic IG post

Since being a household topic of the season-ending injury, there passed only a few days without Aaron Rodgers’ injury news in the headlines. Even it sometimes garnered more attention than the Jets on-field plays.

Recently, the former Green Bay Packers player shared a cryptic message on his Instagram story, featuring a clock image with the caption written, ” A little more time”.

The 39-year-old, though, was projected to rehab for six to nine weeks, he made his appearance clear in the team’s locker room just after three weeks. At first, he was spotted in the crutches before the Kansas City Chiefs vs Jets play in Week 4. 

Nevertheless, excluding every scenario, A-rod introduced himself the next week as an Iron Man with superhuman strength, observing without the aid of crutches and throwing passes. His swift road of recovery raised concerns among many medical specialists while it came out as a ray of hope for the Jet’s team that their general manager unfolded.

Fan theories on Aaron Rodgers’ potential return

Apart from plays, Aaron Rodgers is a popular face for his blunt replies to the media and sharing cryptic messages. Hence, soon after he shared the image on Instagram, the NFL community flocked together to figure out the rationale behind his post.

The 18-year-old veteran player posted a picture in which the date appears to be 28, but the clock is set at 12. Fans have plenty of time to speculate about his return, with one fan theorizing that he was alluding to the Week 17 matchup between the Jets and Cleveland Browns on December 28.

Though he believes he must first complete all the requirements, Aaron Rodgers has already made clues about his potential return at the end of the season, per CNN.

Do you believe that the Jets’ starting quarterback can finally pull it off?

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