Jimmy Garoppolo PED suspension: how can Raiders profit from the situation?

Over the years, Jimmy Garoppolo has garnered a reputation for being one of the most fantastic athletes in the league. He has performed on the best of levels for the majority of his career and has earned the love and respect of various fanbases around the country.

However, in the twilight of his career, the performance levels of the 32-year-old have started to fade, which resulted in his switch from the 49ers to the Las Vegas Raiders last season. As it turns out, Jimmy G might be released from the Raiders as well, and the franchise won’t have to pay him due to a specific contract clause.

How can Raiders profit from Jimmy Garoppolo’s suspension?

Last season was a particularly abysmal nightmare for Jimmy Garoppolo. His performances were surprisingly disappointing for the Raiders, and he just looked completely off the boil. Eventually, this run of poor form resulted in his being benched for fresh blood.

However, in the seven games he did play, Jimmy G was found violating the league’s drug policy by using a prescribed drug but not getting it approved by the relevant authorities. This resulted in the 32-year-old being slapped with a two-game ban, which will continue in the second season.

Garoppolo has decided not to appeal the ruling, which means he will only be available starting in Week 3 of the new season. This has presented the Las Vegas Raiders with a golden opportunity to release their franchise QB and avoid his base salary of $11.25 million due to the violation of his contract clause.

Where will Garoppolo potentially land next season?

While speculation is afoot regarding Garoppolo’s next hunting ground, netizens have begun to hedge their bets on the 32-year-old moving on to specific franchises, with the top bet being on a move to the Denver Broncos.

According to Bleacher Report, after the release of Russell Wilson, the outfit is in dire need of an experienced QB. Especially after suffering an $85 million dead-cap charge, the options are fairly limited for the Broncos. And considering Jimmy G himself is clutching at straws at the moment, Denver might be the perfect match.

Another is speculating a fairytale return to the San Francisco 49ers. Although this seems very unlikely to happen, it will create a fairly emotional story for the NFL community to feed upon.

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