Joel Embiid gets banned after controversial game 3 performance against Knicks

Joel Embiid had a remarkable game on Thursday recording his career-high points in the playoff series along with a 125-114 win. However, his dangerous foul on Knicks’ Mitchell Robinson overshadowed his feat, and with that one move Embiid offended a popular Skyscraper in New York, the Empire State Building.

Displeased by Embiid’s act on their player, the representatives of the famous Building wrote on their X (formerly known as Twitter) handle, “Joel Embiid has been banned from the Empire State Building.” They clearly mentioned that the Philadelphia 76ers’ star is prohibited from entering their premises going forward.

The NY Knicks had come prepared to grab their third win against the Philly side in Game 3 but little did they know that the confident Cameroonian would unleash upon them to carry the team on his shoulders to stage a fightback in the series. While carrying out his defensive duties in the opening quarter, Embiid fell on the floor losing his balance trying to block a shot.

Taking advantage of his absence in the play, Knicks’ OG Anunoby passed the ball to teammate Robinson, who was near the basket. As the Knicks center attempted a layup to score, Joel Embiid wrapped his arm around Robinson’s leg and pulled him down.

The game officials handed Embiid a flagrant 1 foul, but the chapter didn’t end there as many laid their inputs on the matter.

Knicks post-game reactions over Joel Embiid’s flagrant foul

The New York squad was intolerant of Joel Embiid’s action on Mitchell Robinson. Donte DiVincenzo termed it a “dirty” play on his teammate, while Josh Hart felt that was “reckless” and could have ended in an ankle injury for Robinson, which later turned true. The Knicks’ Isaiah Hartenstein boldly stated it “wasn’t a basketball play.”

When Knicks HC Tom Thibodeau was asked about the foul in the post-game press conference, he mockingly said, “Which one? The one they called, or the one they didn’t call? Just want to make sure we have clarity on that.”

Apart from pulling Robinson, Joel Embiid committed two more fouls in the first half. During the first quarter, the 7-footer intentionally hit Hartenstein on the groin and did the same to Robinson in the following quarter.

The Knicks will get an opportunity to avenge their player in Game 4 on Sunday at the Wells Fargo Center where Embiid and the Sixers would want to even the 2-1 score.

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