Josh Giddey Investigation: Why OKC Thunder PG will not be charged for alleged relationship with minor?

The Oklahoma City Thunder star Josh Giddey made quite the headlines last year after being accused of having an illegal relationship with a minor. It is now revealed that Giddey will not be facing any charges for the accusations.

When the news of Giddey having a relationship with a minor circulated, the public demanded that Adam Silvers take some action against the OKC star but now things have turned out favorable for Giddey as he is acquitted of the charges.

Why Josh Giddey will not face any charges for suspected relationship with minor?

In mid-2023, Oklahoma City Thunder star Josh Giddey faced accusations of being involved in a relationship with a minor. The news quickly spread, resulting in widespread criticism for the NBA star both online and in his personal life.

Sports analysts like Stephen A. Smith and Malika Andrews also shared their thoughts on the case amid public speculations. The league management was asked to take some action against the player. Nevertheless, it was stated that legal authorities were handling the situation and undertaking the necessary measures to ascertain the truth.

An official statement from the Newport Beach Police Department has now been released, asserting that Josh Giddey will not be facing any charges. The police department was unable to find any substantial proof linking the NBA star to criminal activity. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnowski posted the official press release from the Newport Beach PD on his official social media account.

The press release said, “After a thorough and exhaustive examination, we have completed our investigation into information that was circulating on social media involving Josh Giddey… we were unable to corroborate any criminal activity related to Mr. Giddey.”

Is Josh Giddey’s case for alleged relationship with minor official closed?

The case involving Josh Giddey garnered significant attention for an extended period, sparking debates and prompting the community to question the decisions made by the league management.

Many drew comparisons to the case of Ja Morant, where the Grizzlies star was suspended for an action that was not technically illegal. The league’s decision not to take any action against Giddey frustrated numerous fans.

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Now that an official statement from a law enforcement department has been released, it is best to consider that the case of Josh Giddey that alleged him having illegal affairs with a minor is officially closed.

However, the same cannot be said for the community online as their reactions to the press release say otherwise. The public’s reactions indicate disappointment with the outcome, blaming the PD for what they perceive as an unfair investigation. Accusations of a rigged investigation and skepticism toward law enforcement departments have been voiced. This suggests that the damage to Giddey’s reputation may linger, even if he is proven innocent on all counts.

What are your thoughts on the Josh Giddey case? How do you interpret the press release from the Newport Beach Police Department? We’re eager to hear your opinions, so please feel free to share them in the comments below.

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