Justin Fields sheds light on uncertain future with Bears after blowout loss to Packers: “This is my last rodeo”

After going down to the Cleveland Browns in Week 15, the Chicago Bears, led by quarterback Justin Fields, picked up two back-to-back wins against the Arizona Cardinals and Atlanta Falcons in their subsequent games. However, they couldn’t continue the winning streak, as they fell prey to a disappointing 6-point loss to the Green Bay Packers in their season finale match in Week 18.

Alongside the turbulent season, Field had to fight his own battle as the signal-caller had been plagued by injuries lately. While the injury itself is a big blow to deal with, the Bears QB has another thing to worry about. Following his squad’s poor loss against the Packers, Fields is not sure about the team’s motive to keep him enrolled in the upcoming season.

Justin Fields talks on unclear future with Bears

When the Bears faced off against the Packers in their Week 18 season finale, the weight of history and a string of defeats loomed large over them. The Bears once again fell short, extending their losing streak to the Packers to ten games and marking a sixth straight defeat with Fields at the helm, despite the hopes that a victory, particularly one under his leadership, could solidify his position as the team’s starting quarterback for the upcoming season.

In the post-match interview, the signal-caller expressed uncertainty about his future with the franchise by acknowledging the unpredictability of what lies ahead after a tenure. With the offseason looming and the Bears holding the No. 1 pick, his position as the team’s quarterback remains in question. The QB conveyed gratitude to the city of Chicago and its loyal fanbase while recognizing the support received during his time with the Bears, which saw him start more than 30 games.

“To the city of Chicago, love y’all. Appreciate the fans and the support from all the Bears, you know, and in case this is my last rodeo with y’all, appreciate y’all for everything,” he said via ESPN.

Expressing his desire to continue leading the Bears, the veteran mentioned the significance it would hold for him to remain in Chicago for a fourth season. He highlighted his rapport with the team’s management and conveyed his readiness to perform at his best while hoping for a vote of confidence from the team’s leadership.

“I have a pretty good relationship with Ryan and the guys upstairs. At the end of the day, this is a business. They have to make tough decisions. My job is just to go out there and play my best. It would mean a lot to get that confirmation from them and just really send a message that they trust me to lead this team and be the quarterback.”

While some fans and analysts like NFL Joy Taylor urged the Bears to part ways with Justin Fields, many netizens also rallied on social media to keep him enrolled in the roster for the upcoming year as well. Now, the decision clearly lies in the hands of the team’s front office, which needs to decide if they want to give the QB another chance next season.

Packers defeat Bears to clinch playoff spot

The Packers secured an NFC Wild Card spot and claimed the coveted No. 7 seed with a 17-9 win against the Bears at Lambeau Field on Sunday.

Despite the scoreboard reflecting a close contest, the Packers showcased absolute dominance in nearly every aspect of the game. Their formidable defensive performance stifled the Bears’ offense by holding them to a mere 192 total yards and restricting their third-down conversions to a dismal 3-of-11. The Bears, despite repeatedly reaching midfield or beyond, were limited to three field goals only.

Meanwhile, the Packers offense, led by quarterback Jordan Love, showcased excellent resilience and efficiency. Love, who was lauded by his successor Aaron Rodgers, amassed an impressive 316 passing yards. His completion rate soared to an astounding 84.4%, marking the second-highest completion percentage by a QB of the team in the last 40 years with a minimum of 30 attempts.

However, some missed opportunities haunted the Packers throughout the game. Despite their commanding performance, several errors in execution kept the score closer than it should have been. The upcoming challenge for them lies in a face-off against the NFC East champions, the Dallas Cowboys.


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