Kelly Oubre Jr. crashes his Lamborghini after game 2 against Knicks

Kelly Oubre Jr. has recently been involved in a few controversies, and he added another one to that list. The Sixers guard was involved in a car accident which took place hours after the Philly side’s controversial second game loss in the playoff series against the Knicks.

As per Philadelphia police, Oubre ignored the red light and hit a Hyundai Elantra late at night on Tuesday. The guard damaged his matte purple Lamborghini in the collision but fortunately, no one was hurt. He should thank his stars that he is not in a situation like some of his contemporaries after wrecking his vehicle.

Oubre had a tough night dealing with a loss and an accident on the same day. To top it off, he dropped a disastrous performance in the game. Playing for 26 minutes, Oubre managed to add 4 points, 2 rebounds, 3 blocks and assists each. That gave the Knicks a 2-0 lead in the series.

The loss might have affected the 28-year-old badly, which resulted in a car crash. Although this accident was nothing in comparison to his previous hit-and-run case.

Kelly Oubre Jr. was previously involved in hit and run incident

Kelly Oubre Jr. faced a “traumatic” experience last year which left him with a fractured rib among other injuries. On Nov. 11, when Oubre was walking on the street, he was hit by a vehicle that ran off from the scene almost immediately. He was hospitalized and ruled out of eleven of the Sixers’ games.

The cops couldn’t find any video evidence vouching his allegations. When he was questioned about it on his return to practice, Oubre said, “I’ve spoken to the police about this situation and they have an ongoing investigation.” He continued to add, “I’ve spoken to who I need to speak to about it and people with the way that it is, and I won’t be speaking on any details about that because they’re looking into it.”

Currently, Kelly Oubre Jr. and his Sixers team succeeded in snatching a 125-114 win in their third game on Thursday. The Philly side lived up to their star Joel Embiid’s expectations and would proceed to Game 4 at Wells Fargo Center.

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