Kevin Durant exposes “another podcast lie” after Fat Joe claimed NBA star got jumped after Rucker park game

Kevin Durant, in his Hall Of Fame-worthy career, has flashed numerous moments of brilliance. From Supersonics to building the Warriors’ legacy to the current day’s Phoenix Suns, KD has maintained his otherworldly dominance everywhere he goes.

His famous appearance at Rucker Park in 2011 is also a highlight of his career. Like the NBA greats, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Kobe Bryant, KD was no different in gracing the iconic Harlem court. But now, after more than a decade, the two-time NBA Champion has revisited the memory to shut down some unfounded claims.

Kevin Durant responds to Fat Joe claim

Recently during his appearance on the “Roommates Show”, Fat Joe claimed that Kevin Durant’s exceptional 82-point performance in a basketball game made the home fans furious, who wanted to attack the forward following the game at Rucker Park.

Denying the rapper’s claim, Durant wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter), “Another podcast lie. It was nothing but respect and love out there that night, didn’t feel unsafe for one second”. The Phoenix Suns’ superstar cleared out the picture which could’ve impacted his New York fan following.

Joe started by saying that Durant wouldn’t have appreciated him sharing the story but continued anyway. “They chased him out the Rucker, like they wanted to beat him up” added the hip-hopper.

Despite giving out incorrect information as per Durant, Joe wasn’t wrong in stating the supremacy that the 14-time All-Star had in the game of summer 2011 during the NBA lockout. However, this is not the first time Joe got on the wrong foot of the 2-time NBA champion.

Fat Joe previously called out Kevin Durant for turning down Knicks

Fat Joe is a well-known New York Knicks fan who lashed out at Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving for not signing a contract with his favorite franchise. In the summer trade of 2019, both players joined the Brooklyn Nets offending the hoop lover.

While discussing the move on SI Now, Joe said, “They didn’t want that New York Knick pressure. They didn’t want that media attention”. Taking a dig at them, the rapper continued to add, “They said, ‘Alright we want New York, but let’s do the lesser of the drama. Let’s go to Brooklyn.'” He further went on to compare them with former Knicks star Carmelo Anthony who faced the harsh criticisms of the New York media houses and yet stayed with the franchise for six seasons.

Both Durant and Irving stayed at the Nets for four seasons and parted ways last year joining their Phoenix Suns and Dallas Mavericks respectively, who are ready for post-season actions.

Even after years of this incident, Fat Joe couldn’t end up in the good books of Kevin Durant who is intolerant of his alleged lie. But KD, being a responsible member of the Suns team, knows this is not the time to focus on such diversions as the post-season is upon him and his franchise.

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