Kylian Mbappe transfer rumour: PSG reportedly set sight on Serge Gnabry to replace the Frenchman

The summer transfer window is already gearing up for one of the final conclusions to a transfer saga, and that is Kylian Mbappe. The Paris Saint-Germain superstar has been linked with an exit since the beginning of this season, and already talks of a departure to Real Madrid have been reported.

However, PSG will be the real losers, as they will lose one of the best players in the world for free. And they know that they have to replace him with another player to lead their project, and it seems they have found such a player.

PSG eyeing Kylian Mbappe replacement

As Kylian Mbappe is all but confirmed to be leaving them, PSG have decided to spend a huge amount on a new player. This new player will be the one to lead their attack for years and will be the face of their new project. Some reports have suggested that AC Milan’s Rafael Leao could be that player. Xavi Simons is currently on loan from them at RB Leipzig and is also being touted as a successor. Even Marcus Rashford from Manchester United is being considered.

However, an interesting name has joined that list of players, with BILD reporting that Bayern Munich superstar Serge Gnabry is also a serious candidate. The source believes that he is considered the favorite to actually move to France.

The player is said to be interested in making the switch, with reports of him being unhappy at Bayern. The club is said to have transfer-listed Gnabry this January for a price of €55 million, though no one tried to snatch him away from Germany. However, PSG is now interested in changing that situation in the summer.

Gnabry was once one of Bayern’s most important players, but he is now a shadow of what he was. After leading the Bundesliga giants to a historic sextuple in 2020, he now has one goal so far this season. Therefore, one can wonder what PSG sees in him to replace Kylian Mbappe of all players.

Mbappe yet to sign agreement with Real Madrid

While there have been rumors of Kylian Mbappe finally agreeing to a move to Real Madrid, no such official statement has been made yet. The deal is still in the verbal stages, and Mbappe is yet to sign his contract.

This is because of reports that Mbappe is asking for some huge demands from the 14-time UCL champions. He reportedly wants the best salary in soccer history and a huge signing bonus of €120 million. Not only that, but he also wants many incentives, add-ons and image rights as well. This has caused quite a pickle for Real Madrid, who are a bit hesitant to accept those demands. Apparently, it is his mother and also his agent, Fayza Lamari, who are asking for all these terms.

However, many have confirmed both sides are eager to make the deal happen and will work towards that end. We can only see a final conclusion to these quite protracted transfer sagas in the summer, with Kylian Mbappe finally resolving his future once and for all.

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