Lakers star LeBron James surpasses three current NBA coaches in age at 38 Years 326 days

20 years ago, LeBron James, the youngest NBA player, is now the league’s oldest player. LeBron James’ pool of strength, skills, and relentless desire to succeed has always been the driving force.

LeBron’s numerous achievements and accolades are a testament to his commitment to the game. While LeBron James is in his 21st NBA season, he has surprisingly surpassed three current NBA coaches in age, and there are high anticipations that he will break Nat Hickey’s record.

LeBron James surpasses three current NBA coaches in age

LeBron James has begun his 21st NBA season on a flying note, despite his age. LeBron James, at 38 years and 326 days, isn’t just the oldest active player but also older than three current NBA coaches.

He surpasses the age of the current Boston Celtics head coach, Joe Mazzulla, who is 35 years and 144 days old. Mazzulla assumed the Celtics’ head coach role on February 16, 2023, after spending two seasons as an assistant coach at Glenville State.

Lakers star LeBron James is older three NBA coaches at 38 Years 326 days
LeBron James Via Getty

LeBron James is also older than the current coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Mike Daigneault, who is 38 years and 271 days old. Daigneault became the fourth head coach in Thunder’s history on November 11, 2020.

Additionally, LeBron is older than the current coach of the Utah Jazz, Will Hardy, who is 35 years and 304 days old. Hardy became the 9th head coach in Jazz’s history on June 29, 2022.

LeBron James, as the sixth player to make it into the 21st season in the league’s history, has been impressive in the current campaign for the Lakers, which has continued to amaze Sports fans worldwide.

Can LeBron James break Nat Hickey oldest NBA player record?

Following LeBron James’ 39th birthday looming in December, there are anticipations that the king will break Nat Hickey’s record as the oldest NBA player. Thomas Hickey was the oldest player to ever grace the NBA, and he played his last game at the age of 45 years and 363 days, for the Providence Steamrollers, in the then-BAA.

Lakers star LeBron James is older three NBA coaches at 38 Years 326 days
LeBron James Via Getty

The 5’11” tall point guard played for the original Celtics, Cleveland Rosenblums (American Basketball League), Pittsburgh Raiders, Indianapolis Kautskys, and Tri-Cities Blackhawks (National Basketball League). Although Hickey stopped playing at age 40 and went on to coach minor league baseball teams, and later the Providence Steamrollers in the second campaign of the BAA, Hickey returned in the 1947-1948 season to become the oldest player in the NBA (then BAA).

The Hickey’s oldest player record in the NBA, though has seen several talk downs by the NBA fans, which most believe that Kevin Willis, who played his last game aged 44 years and 224 days, the Hickey’s record still looks unchangeable. Nevertheless, Hickey who struggled to establish his potential on the court, is highly notable for holding the oldest player record, which LeBron James, might be highly interested in surpassing.

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