Latest LeBron James flaunting with Savannah James at Rich Paul party sends fans into nostalgia

LeBron James, one of the most fashionable stars in all of the NBA, puts a lot of effort into his dressing wherever he goes. He recently appeared all suited up from top to bottom in Louis Vuitton in one of his games. James does not shy away from enjoying his life and partying with his family and friends as well.

He attended the party of his best friend and agent, Rich Paul, along with his wife, Savannah, the most famous couple in the NBA, suited themselves to match the theme of the party. Both James and Savannah were seen wearing ’90s-themed dresses, taking their fans on a nostalgia ride.

LeBron James shows off his 90s style at Rich Paul’s party

LeBron James and his wife Savannah James attend a party hosted by James’ agent and best friend Rich Paul. The couple dressed themselves to fit the retro theme of the party, James posted a post having multiple photos on his Instagram. They were successful in taking their fans on a nostalgia ride as they flaunted their style all over their social media accounts.

LeBron James was seen wearing a white suit and trousers with a black shirt, creating a retro vibe. He accompanied his black and white attire with a thick chain, a heavy ring, black sunglasses, and a black hat. Meanwhile, Savannah dressed up in an all-black latex-like one-piece with a black leather jacket, complemented by black sunglasses and large earrings. The contrasting outfits of the couple, with LeBron in all-white and Savannah in all-black, created a striking visual effect.

LeBron’s shoutout for wife Savannah

LeBron James shouted out his wife Savannah on his Instagram story after getting all suited up to attend his close friend’s party. LeBron shared a photo of himself and his wife on his Instagram story. In the photo, James and Savannah are sitting together on a couch with a painting behind them. The photo had a vintage filter on top of it which added more retro vibe to them.

LeBron James
Credits: kingjames/Instagram

Bron mentioned her wife in the story and wrote “My Shootah” referring to her wife as his wingman or partner in crime. Shoota was a term that was commonly used by the 90’s people to describe a person close to them. Bron used the term to refer to his wife as his partner and close comrade. The James family is very active on social media and they like to have fun with their followers, One time they took turns to impersonate LeBron which everyone on the internet loved.

What do you think of the James couple dressed up in a retro theme? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and let us know.

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