LaVar Ball supports LaMelo Ball’s relationship with elder women, claiming young girls make NBA stars go crazy’ which sparks ‘beating and strangling’ assault charges

The owner of the Big Baller Brand and the father of three professional basketball players, LaVar Ball has issued a statement that can cause some problems for him. LaVar, a successful businessman, also dabbled in professional football.

He is the father of three sons: LaMelo Ball, LiAngelo Ball, and Lonzo Ball, all of whom are professional basketball players. LaVar recently made an appearance on VladTV and shared his thoughts on LaMelo’s partner. After that, he issued a shocking statement that could potentially spark controversy.

LaVar Ball shares candid thoughts on LaMelo’s girlfriend

LaVar Ball made an appearance on VladTV where he discussed the news of him becoming a grandfather. Further he was asked about the partners of his sons and if he was disappointed by them having children at their age. LaVar was happy to respond and said, “I am not disappointed, you gotta do what you gotta do…. My boys can also be lucky and pick the right one.”

LaVar’s son LaMelo who is a player for the Charlotte Hornets is dating a much older woman than him. The internet have been critical of his decision and have called out the relationship to be unfit for him. However, when LaVar was asked about the relationship, he was very positive and even supported the couple. He reportedly said, “Now the woman Melo (LaMelo) has, Ana. I like her, I love her. Everybody is stuck on her saying, ‘Oh, she’s so old. He is so young. You do not hear my son beating up her. She is a woman.”

LaVar Ball’s hot take on NBA star assaulting their partners

After supporting his son LaMelo’s decision to date an older woman, LaVar made a shocking statement expressing his take on the ongoing trend of NBA stars being accused by their partners of physical assault that can jeopardize their careers. LaVar said, “These other girls are pushing buttons to make these NBA basketball players go crazy, and now they are beating them or strangling them, and losing their whole career.”

LaVar accused young women of intentionally provoking NBA players, leading to acts of physical violence and career setbacks. Fortunately, none of his sons have become victims of this rising trend, which makes LaVar proud of his sons.

LaVar Ball
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