LeBron James achieves yet another milestone after Andre lguodala’s retirement

Andre Iguodala has provided the Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James with another opportunity to set a milestone under his name in the NBA. LeBron has been in the NBA for more than a decade and has smashed several records and established many milestones under his name.

However, this particular milestone is a little different from the others. Iguodala has played an important role in indirectly helping LeBron establish this milestone by announcing his retirement but LeBron might not love this milestone the he has achieved.

Iguodala retirement makes LeBron the oldest player in NBA

As per reports, Andre Iguodala, the former Warriors player, and a possible future Hall of Famer has announced his retirement from the NBA and the game of basketball. He had a very successful time during his nearly two-decade-long career in the NBA and has finally decided that it’s time to kick the bucket.

Now, with Andre Iguodala retiring from the league LeBron James has automatically become the oldest active player in the NBA. LeBron is currently 38 years old and is playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. Many players retire by the time they reach the age of mid-thirties but Bron is showing no signs of slowing down and is even fired up for the upcoming 2023-24 NBA season.

Iguodala NBA portfolio

The NBA portfolio of Andre Iguodala is quite impressive, he was known for his versatility and leadership qualities along with his displays of quick intelligence in decision-making situations on the court. He was a solid defender and is versatile in defending from multiple positions, he has also made a few of the biggest clutch shots in Warriors history.

Andre Iguodala
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Andre has accomplished significant achievements throughout his career, boasting a record of four NBA championships, six All-Star appearances, and one NBA Finals MVP title. Off the court, he has enjoyed a highly successful career as an active investor, backing over fifty companies, many of which have achieved unicorn status.

Presently, he holds a position on the Board of Directors for Jumia Technologies, a leading e-commerce platform in Africa. He serves as a role model and a source of inspiration for numerous athletes, showcasing that the fruits of hard work and determination are truly rewarding.

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