LeBron James discloses battle against illness after Lakers loss to Warriors: “Wanted to try and come here to help the team”

LeBron James throughout the years has carved an NBA Hall Of Fame-worthy career for himself. In his 21st season in the league, the timeless freak of nature is still smashing records left, right, and center.

But the Lakers’ success in recent times is completely contrasting to the personal success of Bron. To resonate those two on the same wavelength, LeBron needs to be fit with the post-season knocking on the door. Following a disappointing loss to the Warriors, King James lifted the lid on his current health.

LeBron James provides health update

Following their consecutive wins in four games, the LA Lakers received a blow when their superstar LeBron James missed the game against the Minnesota Timberwolves on Sunday due to flu-like symptoms. Without their main man on-court the franchise faced a 117-127 loss. Although LeBron returned to the hardwood on Tuesday, the 39-year-old couldn’t save his team against the Warriors.

Following the 120-134 loss, the 4-time NBA champion gave away some details about his health. Talking about his illness Bron said when he visited the Crypto.com Arena on Sunday to prepare for the Minnesota game, he started feeling sick and his condition deteriorated with time. Unable to bear it, he went back home.

The 20-time All-Star further added, “Today was pretty much one of the first days that I was able to get out of the room, get out of bed and feel a little bit of energy… Wanted to try and come here to help the team.” Even with LeBron on the court, the Lakers lacked the presence of Anthony Davis who is dealing with health issues of his own.

While talking about his illness, LeBron James acknowledged the impact that Anthony Davis has on the team which was glaringly visible in his absence.

LeBron James talks about Anthony Davis absence

Playing alongside one of the legendary figures in the Lakers team, Anthony Davis has developed himself as a crucial player who plays a versatile role in the squad. His injury sidelined him from participating in Tuesday night’s clash which resulted in the LA franchise’s second defeat in a row thanks to Stephen Curry’s difference-making ability on the night.

Speaking about Anthony Davis’ absence and how it affected the result, LeBron James said, “It’s hard for us to make up, especially having a guy like A.D. not playing. It’s almost pretty much impossible to make up for what he provides for our ballclub both offensively and defensively.”

Anthony Davis has been performing phenomenally in the purple and gold colors providing equally for their defense and offense. AD is averaging 24.5 points, 12.6 rebounds, 3.5 assists, 1.2 steals and 2.4 blocks per game this season.

With just two games remaining in the regular season, the Lakers need to buckle up and take appropriate measures if they want to add another championship trophy to their cabinet.

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