LeBron James’ wife Savannah hypes son Bronny’s USC midnight madness intro with one word

LeBron James and Savannah are raising another generation of sports superstars. Interestingly, both Bronny and Bryce Maximus have chosen to follow in their father’s footsteps by pursuing basketball careers, while Zhuri Nova has excelled in volleyball.

Recently, Zhuri gained attention when her father, LeBron James, posted a video of her making an impressive shot during a volleyball session on his Instagram stories. James and his wife, Savannah, regularly show public support for their children. However, both parents took the time to acknowledge their older son during a USC event.

LeBron’s Wife Savannah Hypes Bronny

Savannah James, the wife of basketball superstar LeBron James, took to social media to express her excitement and support for their son Bronny during a preseason fan event at Galen Center. Savannah shared a video of Bronny entering the stage, wearing a No. 6 jersey, and dancing to the music as he made his way to center court.

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Along with the video, she added the caption that says “Bronny introduced at USC madness midnight” and an emoji depicting fire, Savannah’s post sends love and pride for their son’s return to the basketball court after a challenging health setback.

The 18-year-old son Bronny had surgery following the cardiac arrest he had during a team workout in July. Her social media activity not only highlights the James family’s strong bond but also shows her strong support for her son’s journey in basketball.

LeBron Also Boards the Hype Train

LeBron James is not far behind in boarding the hype train for his son. LeBron James, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar, and father of Bronny James, also shared the excitement surrounding his son’s return to the basketball scene. LeBron took to his Instagram story to share the same video of Bronny’s enthusiastic entrance at the preseason fan event. His decision to share the moment with his followers signifies his pride and support for his son’s resilience and dedication to the sport.

He understands the significance of this moment for his son and his journey to recovery. His older son, Bronny James was earlier diagnosed with a congenital heart defect but he is recovering well. LeBron’s involvement in building up the hype around Bronny’s return to the court further reinforces the James family’s strong connection and shared passion for basketball. This is a demonstration of love and support for Bronny who is to continue his growth in basketball.

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