Lionel Messi brutally blasts Brazil for mistreating Argentine fans after handing first-ever home loss in WCQ

Brazil vs. Argentina, one of the most highly anticipated grudge matches in history, has finally ended. The Brazilian side strategically aimed to minimize Lionel Messi’s influence on the game. However, it was Nicolas Otamendi who ultimately delivered a devastating blow to Brazil, leaving their fans stunned on their own home turf.

Before kick-off, there appeared to be scenes of violence that trapped players inside the dressing room, causing a delay of at least 30 minutes. However, the game concluded with a shocking outcome as Brazil faced their first-ever World Cup qualifier defeat on home soil.

Lionel Messi slams Brazil for mistreating Argentine fans

Lionel Messi criticized the Brazilian police on Tuesday night following Argentina’s World Cup qualifying victory against their arch-rivals. The match at the Maracana was marred by violence as a mass brawl erupted in the stands, with clashes between fans and the police, leading to shocking scenes.

Lionel Messi slams Brazil for mistreating Argentine fans
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After the fight broke out, the Brazilian police rose to the occasion, trying to separate the fighting group by using batons on them and leaving some bleeding. This intervention by the Brazilian police was considered disproportionate as travelling Argentina fans were attacked.

Argentina’s victory was moment that called for celebration. However, instead of reflecting on the triumph over their arch-rival, Lionel Messi could not get his mind over this horrid police incidence, saying;

‘We saw how [police] were hitting the people, it already happened in the Libertadores final,’ he said, referring to the scenes at the Maracana before Fluminense’s win over Boca Juniors this year. ‘They were more focused on that than on the game.

Brazil lose their first-ever home World Cup qualifier

It is already established that there is a long-standing rivalry between Brazil and Argentina, and yesterday’s clash was a further proof of that. It was a moment of tumult before kick-off as the world champions, led by captain Lionel Messi approached the fighting spectators in an attempt to calm the ruckus that ensued among them.

Amid the clashes, Messi called for an end to the violence, and Martinez was captured on video reaching into the crowd in an attempt to halt a police officer wielding a baton. The Argentina players subsequently left the pitch and spent over 10 minutes in the dressing room.

Lionel Messi

However, it all ended in a disappointing campaign for Brazil as they lost again. This loss was even more unfortunate as it turned to be their first-ever World Cup qualifier loss on home soil.

Nicolas Otamendi scored a towering header to give Argentina a 1-0 win over Brazil. Now, Brazil is currently in sixth place in the South America World Cup qualifying standings, trailing leaders Argentina by eight points. They occupy the last spot that ensures qualification for the 2026 finals.


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