Lionel Messi pursues Marcos Rojo’s Inter Miami move amid Rodrigo de Paul’s shocking revelation

Since joining Inter Miami, Lionel Messi has been trying to bring his old pals together. Former friends from Barcelona, including Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets, joined Inter Miami upon Messi’s arrival. Luis Suarez is also one step closer to reuniting with Lionel Messi after bidding farewell to Gremio supporters amid speculation that Marcos Rojo, a former Argentina teammate, may also join.

Lionel Messi, an 8th-time Ballon d’Or winner and proud World Cup winner with Argentina, has remained calm and scarcely interactive in most on and off-field situations, but he has remained influential in a lot of backroom decisions. Rodrigo De Paul has recently shared a revelation about his obscure personality.

De Paul shares insights on Messi’s quick temper

Lionel Messi’s Argentina teammate, Rodrigo De Paul, has disclosed a characteristic of his friend, stating that the 36-year-old tends to get angry very quickly. Although it is somewhat surprising to learn that the Argentine captain has this personality trait, when one considers the way he commands respect in the Argentina squad, it becomes clear that he cannot just be a meek and gentle fellow all the time.

Atletico Madrid and Argentine midfielder Rodrigo De Paul said, “Leo is just like me because he gets angry quickly and when he’s angry we should leave him alone. He goes to his room and then I go and knock on the door and ask him if he would like some yerba mate. On my last birthday, he sent me a message saying: ‘Happy birthday. Let us continue the matinee, sometimes with conversation and sometimes without saying anything.”

De Paul shares insights on Messi's quick temper

Rodrigo De Paul, often playfully regarded as Lionel Messi’s bodyguard when with the Argentine squad is one of the powerhouses of their midfield and one of the closest to Lionel Messi on the squad. Rodrigo De Paul’s protective nature around Messi portrays the latter as one who needs protection, but De Paul has revealed Messi in a different light.

On-field, Lionel Messi exudes excellence and finesse, while off-field, he still has this demeanor that his fans love so much. The Argentine World Cup winner is gentle, calm, and less interactive in most cases, and only on a few occasions have we witnessed him in a more aggressive light.

Lionel Messi seeks to convince Rojo for south Florida move

Lionel Messi has been quite influential in the Inter Miami recruitment process, bringing his former Barcelona mates on board: Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets. It was also through his influence that Luis Suarez decided to join Inter Miami and now he is at work again.

The newest potential addition to the Inter Miami squad is rumored to be former Manchester United center-back Marcos Rojo, a long-time teammate of Messi within the Argentina national team.

Lionel Messi seeks to convince Rojo for south Florida move

Hernan Castillo from Continental 590 radio in Argentina has reported that both Messi and Inter Miami manager Tata Martino have made phone calls to Rojo, attempting to persuade him to join the MLS team.

Marcos Rojo is currently a player for Boca Juniors in Argentina. He is also 33 years old. Hence, Inter Miami may just be the right place to draw the curtain on his career.


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