Lionel Messi’s first MLS 2024 match features Will Smith with David Beckham in Inter Miami’s triumph

Last year, Lionel Messi made a blockbuster move to America, joining the Major League Soccer club Inter Miami, which has transformed the entire landscape of the league. His star power attracted A-list celebrities to his second appearance for the team last year, making his arrival headline news across the nation.

Extending his popularity into the new season, Kansas City has moved their MLS game to Arrowhead Stadium to meet the rising demand to see Messi in action. Meanwhile, Miami kicked off their latest MLS season on Thursday. Hollywood star Will Smith was in attendance to catch the action live in the stadium.

Will Smith attends Lionel Messi’s first MLS 2024 match with David Beckham

Inter Miami inaugurated the MLS 2024 against Real Salt Lake at their home turf at Chase Stadium in Florida, lavishing a 2-0 victory, their maiden win of the season, leaving the disappointing previous campaign behind for not making it into the play-off despite the Argentine icon’s arrival in the final phase of their season.

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Captain Lionel Messi, leading the lines for his team, delivered another magical performance wearing the captain’s armband. He assisted in the first goal for Robert Taylor and linked up play with his former Barcelona teammate and new arrival, Luis Suarez, as well as Diego Gomez, to double their advantage in the second half.

Inter-Miami flagged off its campaign with positive results, with three points in the bag. Hollywood celebrity Will Smith was present alongside co-owner David Beckham in the VIP stands to watch the World Cup winner and his team match. The actor was captured in a cheerful mood, enjoying the MLS showdown. 

During the halftime break, when the 36-year-old forward was heading towards the tunnel, he met Smith and they shared a heartfelt hug, exchanging smiles that indicated both were delighted with their meeting. ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ star also met Antonela post-match, who was also in the stadium.

Apple Music publishes Messi’s pre-game playlist

Lionel Messi is always prepared and fully focused to give his all on matchday for his team. Interestingly, he revealed that music plays a significant part in his pre-match routine, warming him up for the games. As he revealed, “Music calms my mind, helping me maintain composure and relaxation.”

Recently, Apple Music unveiled a 60-song playlist titled “Messi: The Warm-Up,” giving fans insight into the music the Inter Miami star listens to as part of his pre-game ritual. The former Barça player’s playlist includes artists like Peso Pluma, Bad Bunny, Grupo Frontera, Drake, Coldplay, and J. Cole, showcasing a diverse range of genres from Latin pop to reggae and rock and roll.

Will Lionel Messi be able to lead Inter Miami to a triumphant 2024 season? Drop your predictions in the comments section.


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