Lonzo Ball’s dunking clip goes viral amid alarming health update

Former Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball is often considered as one of the biggest what-ifs in the sport of basketball. Initially, Lonzo was rated highly as a prospect for his ability to run the floor of teams efficiently.

However, the star’s track record with injuries is a cause of concern, without a doubt. Now, all NBA fans are hoping for the star’s return considering his elongated and indefinite absence from the sport while a recent dunk clip has gone viral.

Lonzo Ball goes viral with recent dunk clip

Ever since high-school days, Lonzo Ball has been a crowd magnet garnering hundreds of millions of views early on. The star was known for his exceptional handles as well as his ability to rise high in the sky to slam down vicious dunks.

Lonzo Ball
Lonzo Ball has not played since 2022 via USA Today Sports

Earlier today, a video circulated on Twitter which showcased a great dunk from Lonzo Ball as he begins his return to the basketball court. The timely video also comes as a direct contradiction to reports that were published a few days ago which stated that the young star couldn’t sprint and that he was not healthy in terms of basketball.

In the video, Lonzo is seen throwing the ball off the backboard to himself as he rises high to slam the ball down. The star’s video comes as a huge relief to basketball fans who were hardcore followers of the player.

While Ball may be far away from NBA fitness, his steady improvement comes as a huge sigh of relief for the NBA community who have constantly supported the player in his struggles. In his time in the league, Ball set himself apart with multiple records to his name and played effortless basketball that caught the attention of everyone in the league.

Footage leaves fans in splits following Lonzo Ball rehab update

Seeing the video of Lonzo Ball dunking, the NBA community was in total splits not knowing how to react to the video, especially after reports emerged that the star was unable to sprint, a serious update if true. However, the shocking video has sent fans into disbelief.

Lonzo Ball
Fans were confused upon seeing the video via USA Today Sports

Replying to the video of the star dunking, a user expressed his thorough confusion, saying, “Yesterday they were saying he couldn’t sprint, idk what to think anymore.”

Another user expressed his excitement on seeing the video, saying, “LONZO BALL IS BACK.”

Another fan couldn’t believe his eyes as he saw the video. The user said, “They just said this dude couldn’t sprint.”

As fans continue to speculate what is going on with Lonzo Ball, the fact is that every NBA spectator wants to see the player back on the court, being his usual best.

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