“Make that 117 charges”: Fans mock Manchester City after Superdry sued the PL club for trademark infringement

Manchester City are not having the best of times, following one of their most successful periods ever. After winning a historic treble last season and an international treble now as well, the Citizens are now not doing so well.

They are currently third in the Premier League, falling behind in the title race due to some recent bad performances. But they are also equally facing some issues off the pitch, with some financial charges levied against them. And now another problem stands in their way.

Manchester City sued by clothing brand Superdry

Manchester City have faced a lawsuit, shockingly, from Superdry, which is a global clothing brand. Apparently, they accuse the city of trademark infringement.

Recently, City signed a huge partnership with the Japanese company Asahi, which is a famed Japanese brewer. Their main product is the non-alcoholic Super Dry drink. It is depicted on one of City’s training kits, which they have worn many times.

And now clothing brand Superdry claims that these are misleading fans and customers who would confuse the two names. They have asked the club to stop using the kit and the team has been seen donning another one in recent weeks. The exact words on the training kit are ‘SUPER “DRY” Asahi,’ and it is followed by ‘0.0%.’

According to the Daily Mail, a court will decide whether these two names are identical and confuse customers. If City is found guilty, they will have to not only modify their training kit but also pay for any reparations. These may also lead to complications in any current deal with Asahi. None of them have commented on the matter, and it is yet to be seen when a final verdict on the case is delivered.

Fans mock Manchester City’s off-field struggles

And now fans, as always, have taken this as a chance to mock Manchester City and it’s questionable record. It is a known fact that Manchester City have been spending heavily in the years following their 2008 takeover by Abu Dhabi. In fact, the Citizens are facing a huge amount of charges from the Premier League authorities—in fact, up to 115 charges! Considering how Everton were recently punished for a smaller disruption of rules, City could face a huge punishment.

This has made them the subject of scrutiny and insults from fans, and they took the lawsuit from Superdry to further rub salt into the injuries of City. One Twitter fan hilariously wrote, ‘make that 117 charges’, with many making similar comments.

If City are found guilty of the allegations against them, they could face anything from huge points deductions and fines to relegation and even being stripped of their trophies. It remains to be seen how City tackle the lawsuit and financial charges against them. In the meantime, they have to face Huddersfield in a FA Cup 3rd round match tomorrow.

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