Malik Nabers ends journey with LSU Tigers, declaring for 2024 NFL Draft

With the NFL season finale underway, the gateway to the national stage is about to swing open, welcoming college standouts like LSU’s Malik Nabers to embark on their journey in the upcoming 2024 NFL draft.

As the season comes to a close, the anticipation surrounding the 2024 NFL draft intensifies. The declaration from prominent college players, including Brock Bowers of Georgia, Cam Ward of WSU, Drake Maye of UNC, and Brenden Rice of USC, has set the stage for the LSU star to take the next step in his promising career.

Malik Nabers declares for the 2024 NFL Draft

In a heartfelt social media post, Malik Nabers bid farewell to LSU, affectionately referring to the LSU community as “Tiger nation” and acknowledging their fanbase as the “best fans in the world.”

“Tiger nation — the best fans in the world — the moment I stepped foot onto that grass in [Tiger Stadium], it was electric,” he wrote.

Expressing gratitude for the electric atmosphere at Tiger Stadium, Nabers reflected on the pivotal moments he experienced on the field. Despite the initial intimidating reputation of “Death Valley,” he revealed that it had become the place where his dreams came true.

Nabers mentioned the thrill of hearing his name echoed by fans, the eruption of cheers during significant plays, and the jubilation after crucial victories. In his own words, he will genuinely miss spending Saturday nights with the LSU community in the iconic Death Valley.

“From screaming my name running onto the field, or when big plays were made, or from storming the field after a big win in the stadium [it was electric]! … I will truly miss spending that Saturday night with [you all] in Death Valley where dreams come to die, but mine came true!” 

His declaration for the 2024 NFL Draft marks the end of his impactful three-year journey in Baton Rouge, leaving a void that he already expressed was missing.

As Nabers transitions to the next phase of his football career, his skill set, characterized by explosiveness, reliable hands, and polished route-running, positions him as a dynamic playmaker. Many NFL teams are likely to vie for the opportunity to add such a promising talent to their rosters.

Speculation is rife regarding which draft pick Nabers might secure. Projected as a first-round pick, he holds the No. 11 spot overall and is second among receivers in CBS Sports’ 2024 NFL Draft prospect rankings. The Bleacher Report NFL Scouting Department goes a step further, ranking Nabers as the second-best wide receiver in this year’s draft, right behind Ohio State standout Marvin Harrison Jr.

Malik Nabers’s performance for LSU

Malik Nabers capped off an outstanding junior season, showcasing his prowess as a wide receiver for LSU. His dynamic partnership with 2023 Heisman Trophy winner Jayden Daniels resulted in one of the most prolific quarterback-receiver tandems in college football. Nabers’s impressive performance during the season included catching 89 passes for 1,569 yards and 14 touchdowns, all career highs.

In their remarkable journey together, Nabers and Daniels displayed exceptional chemistry, elevating LSU’s offensive game. With 89 receptions, 1,569 receiving yards, and 14 touchdowns in just 13 games, Nabers consistently delivered outstanding performances. This season marked the second consecutive year that Nabers surpassed the 1,000-yard receiving mark, solidifying his reputation as a reliable and high-impact receiver.

Despite his remarkable season, Nabers fell just one vote short of clinching the prestigious Biletnikoff Award, annually bestowed upon the best receiver in college football. The tight race saw Nabers narrowly trailing behind Marlon Harrison, reflecting the high caliber of talent in the collegiate receiving landscape.

Nabers’s electrifying plays, consistent contributions, and exceptional numbers throughout the season undoubtedly positioned him among the elite receivers in college football.

Meanwhile, he carries the potential to follow in the footsteps of other LSU products like Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase, and Justin Jefferson, who have excelled at the professional level.

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