Mavs’ stars unfazed by grueling preseason schedule after Luka Doncic’s 43-point Abu Dhabi showdown

The NBA season opener is just days away, and teams are eagerly preparing for the upcoming season with hopes of adding to their trophy collection. The Dallas Mavericks, despite experiencing back-to-back losses to the Timberwolves recently, are focused on beginning the season strong.

Grant Williams, Tim Hardaway Jr., and head Coach Jason Kidd openly discussed their challenging preseason travel schedule, and they collectively believe that the games in Abu Dhabi and Spain will not adversely affect their prospects for success in the new season.

Chris Finch in awe of Luka Doncic’s 43-point performance

Despite the Mavericks losing twice to the Timberwolves recently, Luka Doncic is still considered a big threat. The Timberwolves defeated the Mavericks 96-104 in a preseason match-up, and coach Chris Finch of the Timberwolves is full of praises for Luka Doncic while speaking with Fadeaway. He said, “It’s tough to stop Luka. The other day, we tried our best to make his life difficult and he still scored 25 points in a half. It’s always by committee.”

Though Doncic had few minutes on the court, he was sensational, creating opportunities for his teammates. Luka Doncic is one player who can lead the Mavs’ to succeed but he definitely needs support from his teammates. In Doncic’s absence on the court against the Timberwolves, the team’s offense plateaued in the second quarter as they couldn’t score in over 4:30 minutes. This has really shown the need for the team to fix this situation to complement Doncic’s efforts.

Mavs’ stars ready for intense preseason

The Mavs have reiterated their determination to pull through the preseason with success. This was revealed when Fadeaway reported on X (formerly Twitter) that Grant Williams, Tim Hardaway Jr, and Jason Kidd, shared their true thoughts on the hectic preseason schedule for the Mavericks.

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Williams stated that as professional basketball players, they understand the demands of their job and refrain from complaining. Hardaway emphasized the team’s maturity and suggested that these challenges serve as a valuable test, preparing them for any mid-season struggles that often affect fatigued teams.

These players from the Mavericks spoke with much confidence which can lift the spirit of the team to succeed. The only roadblock to their aim is probably fatigue which is inevitable, especially with the introduction of new rules to limit load management.

Concerns are that the Mavs may need a rest due to heavy preseason load. Share your thoughts on what you expect from the Mavericks in the coming season.

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