Maxx Crosby demands “stability and f*cking consistency” from Raiders following uncertainty over HC Antonio Pierce’s future

Following a humiliating 0-3 defeat at the hands of the Minnesota Vikings, Maxx Crosby and the Las Vegas Raiders triumphed 63-21 against the Los Angeles Chargers. They kept up the momentum by beating the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 16 before once again witnessing the bitter taste of loss in Week 17.

Having their season finale match against the Denver Broncos in Week 18, the Raiders are sitting in the third spot in the AFC West with a 7-9 mark and are out of the playoff race. This is disappointing for elite players like Crosby, but he, along with other Raiders players, wants interim head coach Antonio Pierce to be crowned as the permanent head coach of the franchise.

Maxx Crosby rants on Raiders management

While the Raiders navigate through a turbulent period after witnessing a merely disappointing season, Maxx Crosby has emerged as a vocal advocate for Antonio Pierce to be permanently appointed to the helm. He highlighted the rarity and significance of finding a true leader among the limited ranks of NFL head coaches. However, the notable part of the veteran’s insight was his frustration due to years of fluctuation and an elusive quest for sustained success.

“There’s only 32 [NFL] head coaches in the whole world. So you’ve got to find a leader of men. And when you’ve got one of them in the building currently, I don’t know why you would let them go”, he said via ESPN.

The defensive star’s frustration stems from the Raiders’ less-than-stellar record over the past few years, with only one playoff appearance in the last five seasons. The desire for change and the pursuit of a winning culture have been the primary motivators behind his vocal rant.

“I’ve made the playoffs one time in five years. It’s bulls—And we’ve got to figure out what we’re going to do moving forward. And I’m sick of change. I’m sick of losing. I just want stability and f—ing consistency, and that’s all that matters to me. I want to win.”

Davante Adams, another key voice within the Raiders’ locker room, echoed his teammate’s sentiments by throwing his unequivocal support behind Pierce’s potential appointment as the head coach for 2024. Pierce’s impact on the team’s performance hasn’t gone unnoticed by its players. He guided the team to crucial victories against the New York Giants, Chargers, and Chiefs.

More than just the wins, it’s the coach’s embodiment of the Raider mentality that resonates deeply with the players, according to Adams.

Uncertainty looms over Antonio Pierce’s future

Antonio Pierce’s tenure as the interim head coach of the Raiders has been a roller coaster of mixed fortunes. Stepping into the role after the dismissal of former head coach Josh McDaniels, Pierce has been through turbulent waters by steering the team to a 4–4 record since taking the reins at Week 8. However, the team’s performance under McDaniels at 3–5 presents a complicated backdrop against Pierce’s leadership.

Though the Raiders’ locker room has stood firmly behind Pierce, hailing his guidance and fostering a united spirit, the bottom line of wins and losses remains a critical factor in the evaluation of his leadership. The potential decision for the organization revolves around either sticking with Pierce as a permanent head coach or aiming for a high-profile figure to take the helm.

Antonio Pierce
Las Vegas Sun

The approaching season finale against the Denver Broncos holds significant weight, possibly tipping the scales in determining Pierce’s fate. Should Mark Davis, the team owner, contemplate removing the “interim” tag from Pierce’s job title, the outcome of this pivotal game could heavily influence that decision.

While Pierce has injected energy and enhanced the Raiders defense, concerns have emerged regarding his in-game decision-making. Besides that, the uncertainty about the team’s future at the quarterback position and ongoing player evaluations are things to watch. The abrupt dismissal of McDaniels and general manager Dave Ziegler after Week 8 led to Pierce’s elevation to head coach and Champ Kelly’s appointment as interim general manager. Now, it’s time for the franchise to have a clear thought about these two individuals.


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