Michael Jordan once crowned Dennis Rodman the MVP of 1995-96 Bulls team

The NBA does not only offer on-court excellence but also brings people from different corners of the nation and world together. In this mixed crowd, one name stood the test of time and that is Dennis Rodman. The charismatic enigma of Pistons jumped ship to the Bulls and changed the dynamic of the Bulls team, as the fans endeared.

Despite being one of the most ill-tempered players out there, Rodman knew exactly what he had to do to reach the pinnacle of NBA greatness. Rodman did that with his flashy visage and later, even someone he didn’t expect praised his work.

Phil Jackson revealed Michael Jordan told him Dennis Rodman was the MVP

Phil Jackson mentioned in 2011 that Michael Jordan had told him about Dennis Rodman being the MVP of the Chicago Bulls’ first title-winning season after coming back from retirement.

Michael Jordan
CLEVELAND, OHIO – FEBRUARY 20: Dennis Rodman and Michael Jordan pose for photos after the introduction of the NBA 75th Anniversary Team during the 2022 NBA All-Star Game at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse on February 20, 2022 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Praising Dennis Rodman, Jackson said, “The season we got Dennis, we recorded the best record in NBA history. It tells you a lot about his impact. The year (Scottie) Pippen sat out the first three months after an operation, Michael told me he felt Dennis was the MVP of that team.”

While facing big men in the league like Shaquille O’Neal was physically tough for Rodman, he did his job well with little help from teammate Luc Longley. The prosperous coach said, “But at the end, in crucial times, Dennis would play Shaq giving up 70 pounds.” The 2-time All-Star showed his potential right from his arrival at the franchise in 1995.

Despite having an internal rift with “the worm” off the court, His Airness never denied Rodman’s on-court impact on the successful Bulls team. Although it was Michael Jordan who led the Bulls with unparalleled offensive ability that won him the MVP that season, Rodman had an enormous contribution of 14.9 rebounds, 5.5 points and 2.5 assists per game.

Dennis Rodman claimed he was more famous than Jordan

Recently, in an interview with Joe Buck for Audiorama, Dennis Rodman claimed that he was more famous in Chicago than NBA legend Michael Jordan. While it might be hard to digest, MJ himself confirmed it.

After being traded to the Chicago franchise, Rodman showcased his supreme defensive abilities on-court while at the same time his off-court antics attracted attention. Talking about the immense love that was showered on him by the city’s NBA community, the 62-year-old said, “That city embraced me so well after I’d say the first couple of months and then all of a sudden, I’m overshadowing Michael now. I’m more famous than Michael.”

The 2-time DPOY winner further added that when Jordan went back home on Halloween, he saw his kids dressed up like Dennis Rodman. His tattoos and multiple piercings made him stand out in the crowd and left a lasting impression on the fans growing up in the 90s.

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