Months after aiming to become the best in the world, Bengals QB Joe Burrow reportedly in line for Patrick Mahomes-like NFL contract

Nobody knows what the new NFL season will bring to the viewers. Nonetheless, all NFL fans should expect a hot back-to-back response and a competition-oriented season between Cincinnati Bengals Joe Burrow and Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes.

The Chiefs have already demonstrated their faith and optimism in their veteran quarterback by tying him to a hefty contract. According to reports, the Bengals are looking to follow in the footsteps of the Chiefs by extending Burrows’ deal.

Bengals Joe Burrow aims to become the best in the world

Burrow already cemented his place as the near and dear ray of hope for the Bengals, yet the quarterback possesses a belief that he still needs to amass more caliber to claim him as the best. 

In an appearance at the press conference, the 26-year-old announced Mahomes as the league’s best quarterback without any second thought.

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“I don’t think there’s any debate, it’s Pat (Mahomes).” 

Before the 2022 playoff game, Joe was 3-0 against Pat. After suffering a narrow defeat the previous time, the Bengals’ quarterback is now 3-1 versus the Chiefs’ quarterback. Despite possessing a one-of-a-kind skill set with a high level of quality, JB is still working on and fuelling his power system to “be the best in the world,” as he stated during the conference.

Burrow is reportedly set to secure a contract resembling that of Patrick Mahomes 

Patrick inked a $503 million contract deal in 2020 with the Kansas City Chiefs, elevating the quarterback’s power and dominance to the point where he became the first player in sports history to sign a contract worth more than a half-billion dollars.

The two-time Super Bowl champion defined a different level of salary for the league’s quarterback with the deal. Without a doubt, the Bengals quarterback is now considered Patrick’s most formidable rival. Though the Bengals exercised the quarterback’s fifth-year option, they allowed their veteran player to start the minicamp without a contract extension.

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Though there are currently no breaking stories, ESPN’s Jeff Darlington believes that the team is working to extend the quarterback’s contract by $500 million in order to establish his legacy as opposed to the two-time MVP.

The quarterback has played for the Bengals for three seasons, racking up 1174 yards and 82 touchdowns in the process. The Bengals appear to be placing a lot of faith in JB after bringing him to the roster since he might motivate the team to honor his legacy with a big contract like Mahomes.

The reward should be in line with the contribution. Burrow has previously declared that he intends to perform at his highest level throughout the upcoming season, so a lucrative contract restructures will undoubtedly be helpful in igniting his level of play.


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