Months after NBA playoff upset, Draymond Green casts doubt on Lakers’ future success against Warriors

Golden State Warriors power forward Draymond Green has offered his genuine opinions months after the epic NBA playoff upset that left fans speechless. In a recent interview, he raised doubts about the LA Lakers’ chances of regaining their former glory against the Warriors.

This candid commentary reignites the fierce rivalry between these two powerful teams, laying the groundwork for an exciting next season. DrayMagic’s words add a spark to what looks to be another dramatic chapter in this famous rivalry, making it a must-see for NBA fans.

Green is not convinced Lakers can beat Warriors again

The Los Angeles Lakers startled the basketball world by knocking out the reigning champions, the GSW, in the NBA playoffs last season. But Green, the Warriors’ heart and soul, kept relatively silent ever since the upset. With time to contemplate in the offseason, Green has stepped into the spotlight to express his thoughts on the Warriors’ future and a possible rematch with the Lakers.

Green spoke candidly with ESPN about the Warriors’ current predicament, highlighting the perseverance and unity that constitute the team’s culture. Despite the Warriors’ early exit from the playoffs, Green is certain that they will recover, restore their bond, and return better next season.

“We have to bring this group back together as one,” Green said.

“You couldn’t break our team. You may break one guy, you may break two, but you can’t break this team. And that’s what made us unbeatable.”

He went on to reflect on their previous confrontation with the LA Lakers and believes such will not happen in the coming games. “[The Lakers have] done it once, and that’s great. Now someone has to do it again and again. And I don’t foresee that happening.”

The confrontation between the Warriors and the Lakers looms large as both teams prepare for the next season, promising intense competition and stunning play. Whether Green’s belief in the Warriors’ revival comes true or the Lakers’ rise continues, one thing is certain: the rivalry is alive and robust, making the Western Conference a heated battlefield.

7th seeded Lakers took down defending champion Warriors

Last season the seventh seed Los Angeles Lakers stunned the reigning champions, the Golden State Warriors, in a decisive playoffs Game 6. The Lakers’ incredible victory catapulted them to the Western Conference finals, where they would eventually face the top-seeded Nuggets.

The Lakers’ path to this iconic comeback was littered with difficulty. After floundering to a 2-10 record under first-year coach Darvin Ham, they staged a midseason comeback thanks to clever deals arranged by VP of basketball operations and GM Rob Pelinka. Their rebound placed them as only the fourth team in NBA history to recover from such a big early-season hole since the conference system’s introduction in 1970-71.

Akron Hammer delivered a historic performance in Game 6, collecting 30 points, grabbing 9 rebounds, and dishing out 9 assists. This victory gave him his 41st career series victory, surpassing Derek Fisher’s record at the top.

The Lakers earned an immaculate 7-0 home record and got rid of the Warriors’ 28-game road victory run in postseason series. L-Train and AD led a team overflowing with desire and high hopes as they set their sights on the WC finals, but eventually lost to the Nuggets in the decisive series.

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