Munich police called into action after Lazio fans storm bar singing fascist songs with Hitler salute

Despite its recent fall-off, Lazio remains one of the main powerhouses in Italian football, and its appearance in the UEFA Champions League this season proves just that. Lazio made it out of the group filled with Atletico Madrid, Celtic, and Feyenoord and managed to amass ten points from the group, losing just two games in the group stage and qualifying with Atletico Madrid, who topped the group.

Lazio even won their first leg of their tie against Bayern Munich in the round of 16 of the UCL in Italy, leaving Thomas Tuchel’s men with the uphill task of going around a one-goal deficit. Hours before the second leg, Munich Police were called into action as Lazio fans stormed a certain historic location to sing fascist chants, leaving the home fans angered by the sick attitude.

Lazio fan arrested following Nazi salute

Lazio faced Bayern Munich for the second leg of their round of 16 UCL tie in Germany, but the attitude of the fans just before the game just about overshadowed the whole tie. According to reports, up to 100 Lazio fans visited the Hofbräuhaus brewery in Munich, the same place Adolf Hitler created the infamous National Socialist German Workers’ Party in 1920.

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Source: Reuters

With the place having been transformed into a bar, these Lazio fans stormed the venue with fascist songs and derogatory Hitler-like Nazi salutes, much to the disgust of people in Germany, especially Bayern Munich fans. The same reports claimed that Munich Police were quickly alerted to the event, with the authorities arresting as many culprits as possible, who sadly failed to make it to the game they came for in the first place.

Those arrested fans would have been indifferent about their arrest, as the game was uneventful for Lazio fans. Having come into the tie with a 1-0 advantage from the reverse leg, the Italian giants went one goal behind in the 39th minute when Harry Kane scored a special goal to draw his team level on aggregate.

Thomas Muller gave the Bavarians a lead in the tie with a late goal in the first half before Harry Kane put the game to bed in the 66th minute, leaving Lazio with no chance of coming back into the game.

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Source: Football Italia

Lazio fans not unfamiliar with causing troubles

Lazio may have lost their round of 16 tie in the UEFA Champions League against Bayern Munich yesterday, but they managed to keep their name in the headlines, even in the aftermath of their loss. Anyone familiar with Lazio fans will know they’re known for their ferocious support, just like any other Italian fanbase.

Lazio fans were also punished earlier this season when they faced Celtic in their group-stage game. These fans were punished for displaying an anti-Celtic racist banner that read “THE FAMINE IS OVER GO HOME F***ING POTATO EATERS.”

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Source: The Scottish Sun

Both sets of supporters are known for their frequent clashes whenever they meet. Lazio and Celtic were fined for their role in the uneventful action after Celtic retaliated when Lazio visited Celtic Park for the reverse leg of their group-stage clash.


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