“MVP season incoming”: Tua Tagovailoa seeking contract extension with Dolphins divides fans

After ending the regular season on a high note, the Miami Dolphins’ starter Tua Tagovailoa led the team to clinch the playoff berth, only to let their Super Bowl dream dash in the wild-card round of the playoffs. Though they saw a tragic end to their dream, throughout the season, their starter’s stats were stunning enough to get their head coach’s support.

As the regular season showcased the players’ on-field prowess, the offseason brings to the forefront discussions around contracts and player support. Tagovailoa, not exempt from this scrutiny, witnesses a range of reactions among his fans. 

Tua Tagovailoa seeks Dolphins contract extension

As Tua Tagovailoa enters the final year of his rookie contract with the Miami Dolphins, the quarterback expresses optimism about securing a contract extension this offseason. Speaking to reporters at the Pro Bowl Games in Orlando, Florida, Tagovailoa revealed ongoing communication between his team and his agent.

“There’s been communication. I’m just letting the team talk to my agent and let them work that out,” he shared with ESPN.

The sentiment is mutual, as the Dolphins organization is eager to extend their ties with their franchise quarterback. Dolphins General Manager Chris Grier emphasized the long-term vision for Tagovailoa by conveying confidence in internal talks with the quarterback’s representatives.

“The goal is to have him here long term playing at a high level. That’s always the goal, and we’ll continue to communicate with him through the offseason here. Like we’ve always said in the past, you guys know me, we don’t really talk in the media through all that stuff, so we’ll just keep all those talks internal and with his reps.”

Tagovailoa’s on-field performance bolsters his case for an extension, having finished the 2023 regular season with a league-best 4,624 passing yards. The quarterback’s Pro Bowl nod also solidifies his standing as a key player for the Dolphins, revealing the importance of securing his services for the foreseeable future. 

With Tagovailoa set to play the upcoming season under the final year of his rookie contract, the team has the option to use the franchise tag to retain him for 2025 if an agreement isn’t reached by September.

Dolphins fans provide mixed reaction to Tua’s contract extension

With impressive rankings among qualified players, including a 10th-place finish in adjusted QBR and a tie for fifth in passing touchdowns, Tagovailoa’s contributions on the field have not gone unnoticed by fans and analysts alike.

In light of his remarkable season, Dolphins fans have voiced their unwavering support for the quarterback. Many are eager to see Tagovailoa secured with a long-term contract, expressing confidence in his abilities and anticipating an MVP-caliber performance in the seasons to come.

A passionate Dolphins fan put forward the significance of securing a contract extension for Tagovailoa, citing his instrumental role in ending the team’s playoff win drought in 2022. With the last playoff victory dating back to 2016, supporters believe that investing in Tagovailoa’s future with the team is paramount for sustained success.

Conversely, amidst the fervent calls for Tagovailoa’s contract extension, there exists a faction of fans who remain skeptical about the quarterback’s long-term viability with the Dolphins. Some advocate for the team to part ways with Tagovailoa, expressing doubts about his ability to lead the team to greater heights.

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