Nasser Al-Khelaifi takes sly dig at Lionel Messi after Inter Miami star’s fiery remarks on PSG: “That’s not respect”

Lionel Messi has won all there is in soccer, and the Argentine has left the European stage and joined MLS club Inter Miami. Before that, he was at Paris Saint-Germain, a club he only joined after he was forced to leave Barcelona due to financial constraints.

Despite a contract renewal at the table, Messi refused it. Furthermore, he was the subject of whistles at their games as well, with fans dissatisfied with him. The World Cup win of Messi and Argentina over the French club and it’s French supporters led to further isolation and mockery of the Ballon d’Or winner. And now the relationship has been further strained.

Lionel Messi slammed PSG management after departure

Lionel Messi never wanted to go to PSG, only being forced to after Barcelona forced him out. He and his family had to leave their long-time home, move to a new city and adapt to a new environment. Furthermore, the fans often whistled at him during games due to his poor form for them, and he also felt isolated in the dressing room and the club itself. He himself later admitted that the two years he spent in Paris were ‘tough’.

Most importantly, after winning the World Cup against France, the hatred of the clubs’ fans against him increased. He was also one of the few players in that Argentina team who did not receive a hero’s welcome from his club.

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Messi also pointed this out after joining Inter Miami, saying, “It is understandable as I was in the country against which we had won in the final and prevented them from winning the World Cup again. I was the only player on the entire Argentina team that his club did not recognize, but that’s okay.”

It is clear that, among many other things, the former Barcelona talisman did not like how the club and fans treated him, despite being a World Cup winner. It may have played a huge role in his decision to not stay there.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi lashes out at Lionel Messi

The statements by Messi hurt the reputation and prestige of PSG, and after many days, president Nasser Al-Khelaifi has decided to hit back at his former player. In an interview with RMC Sport, the Qatari revealed his thoughts on Messi’s statements.

He said that Messi did not respect the club, “We talk when we are there, not when we are gone. I have great respect for him but if someone wants to talk badly about Paris Saint-Germain after his departure, it’s not good. That’s not respect. He’s not a bad guy, but I don’t like that. It’s not just for him, but for everyone.”

Whatever the case, Lionel Messi is now happy at Inter Miami, where he had a very good season. He is currently on vacation but will soon return to action, with a showdown against Cristiano Ronaldo’s Al Nassr coming up.

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