NBA fans blast Patrick Williams, who wanted $200 million Bulls contract despite horrible on-court performance in 2023-24 NBA season

The Chicago Bulls power forward Patrick Williams has been playing for the franchise since 2020. Although his on-court performances have not always been consistent, Williams has sure been a good rotation player.

However, among the off-season drama, the funniest was the one involving Patrick William who reportedly demanded for a max contract. After a report that Williams wanted a $200 million contract extension from the Chicago Bulls, his performances so far from the start of the season has attracted angry reaction from fans.       

Patrick Williams reportedly wanted $200 million contract

Patrick Williams reportedly sought an extravagant salary for his next NBA contract. The 22-year-old Patrick Williams, who is still finding his footing with the Chicago Bulls, is aiming for a contract exceeding $200 million. NBA insider Zach Lowe shared this insight, stating that Williams is eyeing near-maximum earnings as a free agent in 2024.

Fans blast Patrick Williams after a horrible performances
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Zach Lowe revealed regarding Williams’ impending free agency, saying, “I’m hearing Patrick Williams wants big, big numbers for his next contract… like, starts with a 2 and isn’t $20M.” The former No. 4 overall draft pick aspires to earn more than $200 million, much like his fellow 2020 draft class members Anthony Edwards, LaMelo Ball, and Tyrese Haliburton.

Williams, a 6’7″ forward, who entered the NBA in 2020, achieved career highs of 10.2 points and 4 rebounds per game last season while averaging 28 minutes on the court. Despite putting up numbers typical of a role player, it’s surprising that Williams believes he’s worth $200 million, although such valuations are not uncommon among today’s players.

NBA fans blast Patrick Williams for horrible on-court performance

After featuring in three games for the Chicago Bulls, Patrick Williams’ performance isn’t anywhere close to a player who reportedly seeks a $200 million contract extension. In the first game of the 2023-24 season, William had 8 points, 4 assists, and 3 rebounds in 30 minutes of play. In game 2, William scored in 13 minutes of play 3 points, 3 rebounds, and 1 assist, and last night against the Detroit Piston William had zero point, 1 assist and 3 rebounds in 21 playing minutes.

However, Williams’ performance since the start of the season has sparked stirred reactions from fans who believe he is worth nothing near the amount he values himself. A fan made a tweet showing his stats after 3 games.

Another fan appears to question his talent and calls the franchise to realize that early, “Patrick Williams is a bum. The sooner bulls fans and more importantly, this organization figures that out, the better.”

Some fans also advised him to learn another trade, “#Bulls Patrick Williams can forget about the $200M contract he’s seeking. He better start learning a new language.”

The comment keeps coming as a fan posted a meme video of William’s on-court display after demanding a $200 million deal.

It is surprising to see a player who was drafted in 2020 demanding such a huge contract extension. Especially when his performances aren’t up to the mark. If Patrick Williams needs a contract of that magnitude, then he needs to improve his on-court performances going forward.

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