New Vikings QB J.J. McCarthy rips his predecessor Kirk Cousins : “He wears gold chains, I wear championship rings”

The Minnesota Vikings made bold moves during the NFL draft, trading up twice to secure their future at the quarterback position. With long-time star Kirk Cousins departing for the Atlanta Falcons, the Vikings were determined not to miss out on their most pressing need.

Their efforts culminated in the selection of Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy at the No. 10 spot in the first round. 

Nevertheless, despite being a rookie, McCarthy is confident in his ability to lead the Vikings to success. When asked about the biggest difference between him and Cousins, he responded with a bold statement, throwing a sly jab at the team’s former starter.

“He wears gold chains, I wear championship rings,” he said.

Cousins, despite his solid 50-37-1 record with the Vikings, has yet to lead the team to a championship.

Meanwhile, McCarthy’s impressive collegiate career at Michigan serves as evidence of his championship-winning potential, for which his former Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh is fully confident. His leadership was instrumental in securing Michigan’s first national championship victory since 1997, boasting a flawless 27-1 record for the season, per AP News.

Jim Harbaugh offers candid insights into J.J. McCarthy’s potential with the Vikings

The new Los Angeles Chargers head coach Jim Harbaugh played a pivotal role in guiding J.J. McCarthy throughout his Michigan career. Harbaugh, who had previously hailed McCarthy as “the potential No.1 quarterback in the draft,” maintained a close relationship with the young quarterback even after his declaration for the NFL draft.

Following McCarthy’s selection by the Vikings, Harbaugh, who regards McCarthy as a son, conveyed his happiness and offered congratulations to the Vikings for acquiring a talented player.

“Having conversation with J.J., that’s where he wanted to go. That’s where he had his heart set on. I’m just so happy for him. I love him like a son, and I was praying and pulling for it to work out the way he wanted it to work out. And the stars aligned, and congratulations to Minnesota. They got themselves a great player.”

McCarthy’s journey to the Vikings was a natural progression for the highly touted quarterback. The Chicago native made waves at the University of Michigan, capturing attention with his impressive performances on the field.

In the lead-up to the 2024 NFL Draft, the signal-caller’s draft stock soared, due in part to Harbaugh’s influence in improving his standing. This helped the young quarterback make his dream come true, as McCarthy expressed his wish to play for the Vikings before the draft.

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