NFL analyst urges Justin Herbert to trust HC Jim Harbaugh’s approach

The Los Angeles Chargers appointed Jim Harbaugh as their new head coach to get a potential Super Bowl run. The veteran openly endorses his Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy but is refrained from drafting McCarthy or any other QB in the upcoming draft. He showcased his full commitment to current quarterback Justin Herbert despite his injury struggle this past season.

However, Harbaugh’s offseason moves have sparked debate, particularly regarding their handling of Herbert. On Rich Eisen’s show, co-host Chris Brockman raised concerns from Herbert’s perspective. However, Eisen offered straightforward advice. He emphasized the potential benefits of the revamped run game, suggesting it could create opportunities for Herbert to excel.

“If I’m Justin Herbert, I’ll trust Jim’s way of doing things. That maybe, just maybe, the run game can be supportive. The run game can actually grind stuff out. The run game can actually lead to an easier way for him to find his targets down the field. That he could possibly be part of the run game if they so choose,” Eisen said per The SpotsRush.

Justin Herbert
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However, Eisen didn’t shy away from the reality check as he questioned Herbert’s previous experiences and the effectiveness of alternative approaches. He openly asked Herbert to remain open-minded and adaptable amidst organizational changes under Harbaugh’s leadership. Meanwhile, the quarterback’s trade rumors have been a hot topic of discussion lately.

Antonio Brown’s “CTESPN” sparks Justin Herbert’s trade rumor

Antonio Brown, the controversial NFL wide receiver, recently launched his self-proclaimed sports network, CTESPN, claiming it as the “#1 most trusted source in Sports.” However, the credibility of this source was called into question when it propagated a trade rumor involving Justin Herbert.

According to CTESPN’s post on social media platform X, a potential blockbuster trade between the Minnesota Vikings and the Chargers is allegedly in the works, with Justin Herbert being the centerpiece of the deal. The rumor suggested that Herbert desires to team up with wide receiver Justin Jefferson.

However, skepticism surrounds the validity of this rumor, primarily due to the financial implications involved. Herbert recently inked a lucrative five-year, $262.5 million contract. He carries a substantial cap hit for the Chargers, making any trade scenario financially burdensome.

The Chargers would be faced with an astronomical $129 million dead cap space if they were to part ways with their prized quarterback, rendering such a move highly impossible.


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