NFL community blames QB Josh Allen for Bills WR Stefon Diggs’ massive dip in-form: “Stopped throwing the ball to him”

This season has surely been one to forget for the Buffalo Bills faithful. Overall, their performances have been abysmal, and barring a few standout victories, even their performances at home have been nothing to write home about.

Franchise QB Josh Allen also hasn’t been able to spark form on the rest of his side. When the head coach expected him to lead by example, he ended up suffering from small niggles that kept him far from game-winning performances, because of which other star players like Stefon Diggs have suffered as well. The NFL community has developed quite a few harsh opinions about the 27-year-old. Let’s find out more.

Stefon Diggs unable to impact NFL games this season

The magic of Stefon Diggs running along the line for the Buffalo Bills has somewhat diminished this season. Defenses have found it easy to clamp down on him, and that has led to a fall in the overall performance of the Bills this season. Many in the NFL community feel that he has just not been the same this season and might not reach the same levels before 2024.

Since the past nine games he has started for the Bills, Diggs has not been able to pass 100 receiving yards. These kinds of stats are abysmal for any WR in the league, let alone someone of the pedigree of Diggs. Fortunately enough, there are still some Bills supporters who are in favor of the 30-year-old and are blaming someone else for his downfall

Fans blame Josh Allen for Stefon Diggs downfall

Some fans are of the opinion that something or someone else might be the reason behind the sudden fall in Diggs’ form. Many in the NFL community feel that the record-holder Josh Allen, QB for the Buffalo Bills, is the reason why Stefon has not been able to show his true colors yet. In a recent post featured on Twitter showing Diggs’ stats, the Bills’ faithful started a conversation about how Allen has failed him this season.

Some of the tweets that followed were scathing, to say the least. One comment read, “Nah, ever since trevon diggs talked shit about Josh Allen bro hasn’t been gettin the same looks.” while another read, “No. Josh just stoppped throwing the ball to him.”

What are your thoughts on the poor performances of Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs? Do you think they receive this kind of flak from their own fans? Let us know in the comments.


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