NFL insider highlights Panthers as strong contenders for Bill Belichick

The New England Patriots, led by Bill Belichick, are having one of the worst seasons in their franchise history. With a 2-9 record, the team is sitting in the last spot of the AFC East. As the franchise is getting more embroiled in a losing streak, the rumor about the head coach’s potential departure from the team is getting stronger only.

Meanwhile, the Carolina Panthers just digested a 17-10 loss to the Tennessee Titans. After the Week 12 loss, they are now sitting in the bottom spot of the NFC South with a 1-11 record. Amid this poor stat, an NFL insider claimed the team as a potential suitor for Belichick.

Panthers’ strong interest in Belichick

The Boston Globe’s Chad Finn earlier highlighted the Panthers as a frontrunner in the anticipated “Bill Belichick sweepstakes.” The Patriots’ coach might see his tenure drawing to a close, and while the franchise could seek compensation, Belichick is expected to have a voice in determining his next destination.

Ben Volin of the same reporting channel further strengthens the Panthers’ case, citing insights from NFL sources well-versed in the HC’s stature within the league’s coaching market.

“This isn’t just my opinion. This is based on conversations with league sources who know the coaching market and know Belichick. Keep a close eye on Belichick and Carolina.”

Though rumors link Belichick to the Washington Commanders, Los Angeles Chargers, and Atlanta Falcons, Volin contends that the Panthers emerge as a robust contender due to various factors.

Bill Belichick
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The six-time Super Bowl champion coach might find appeal in Charlotte’s smaller, less intense media market, which could alleviate the relentless scrutiny characteristic of larger NFL cities. Moreover, the reduced pressure to clinch playoff berths compared to the aforementioned teams could provide a more comfortable coaching landscape.

At 71 years old, the Patriots HC stands tantalizingly close to shattering NFL coaching records and is merely 28 regular season wins shy of Don Shula’s milestone. Despite his age, Volin underscores Belichick’s eagerness to continue his coaching journey. He also mentioned the financial state of David Tepper, saying the NFL’s third-richest owner might lure the veteran coach with a hefty salary as well.

Cam Newton drops hint on potential landing spot for Bill Belichick

The Panthers’ quest for stability has taken yet another unexpected turn with the dismissal of Frank Reich before completing his inaugural season. The team’s hopeful aspirations upon hiring Reich were quickly dampened by a dismal 1-10 start, ultimately leading to his abrupt departure amid the regular season.

Owner David Tepper’s ambitions for a long-term coaching solution came to light when he expressed the desire for a coach to potentially steer the team for two or three decades. However, former Panthers and Patriots quarterback Cam Newton speculated on his podcast that Tepper might have his eyes set on Belichick, a move that could be a win-win situation.

“I think (David) Tepper, knowing what I do know, he’s hoping that he can land Bill Belichick. That right there will be a win-win-win-win for David Tepper,” Newton said per NBC Sports.

The Pats’ coach, however, dismissed speculations about joining another team in the upcoming season, labeling such notions as “ridiculous.”

Yet, amidst the team’s recent struggles and Belichick’s receiving criticism from various quarters, Tepper might see this as an opportunity to entice the accomplished coach to Carolina.

Newton suggested that the Panthers owner’s willingness to provide Bill with all the resources he needs could be an enticing factor for the Patriots coach to revitalize his legacy elsewhere.

“The thing that I know would be the enticing lure to it, is because Tepper will give him everything that he would need. And also, that will allow Belichick to say, ‘You know what, things didn’t work out (with the Patriots), now I can show you I can do it somewhere else.'”

Tepper’s penchant for an active role in decision-making is evident through his series of coaching changes since acquiring the team in 2018. The Panthers have experienced a downturn since their last winning season in 2017, and so Belichick can be the missing piece of their puzzle to turn around the wheel.


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