NFL trade Rumor: Titans set to Hire Brian Callahan as Head Coach after second interview

Driven by his impressive work as the Cincinnati Bengals’ offensive coordinator, Brian Callahan has gained significant recognition. His success has caught the attention of several teams, who are now eager to tap into his experience to boost their own fortunes.

The Tennessee Titans, who recently concluded a subpar season with a 6-11 record and parted ways with their head coach, positioned them as a frontrunner for Callahan’s coaching expertise.

Titans intend to finalize a deal with Brian Callahan, following his second interview

The Titans are set to fill their head coaching vacancy with the imminent hiring of Brian Callahan, according to various NFL insiders. Tom Pelissero from NFL Network reports that the Titans have targeted Callahan, viewing him as a top candidate. 

This decision reflects a well-thought-out approach, with The Athletic’s Paul Dehner noting that the Titans considered Callahan a top target. ESPN’s Adam Schefter further adds that negotiations between the Titans and Callahan are underway, mentioning the earnest effort to welcome him into the Titans’ coaching.

The move follows the unexpected departure of Mike Vrabel, who was fired on January 9 after six seasons and a disgraceful run of 18 losses in his final 24 games.

Notably, the Titans moved swiftly to secure Callahan, underscoring their commitment to the coaching change. Following a virtual interview on January 12, Callahan became the first of 10 candidates to engage in an in-person interview on Monday, per Fox Sports. He is already slated to have his second interview with the team. The Titans had cast a broad net in their search and later were evidently determined to secure Callahan before exploring other options.

Brian Callahan brings a wealth of coaching experience to the Titans, having served on the Denver Broncos’ offensive coaching staff and later as the quarterbacks coach for both the Detroit Lions (2016–2017) and the Oakland Raiders (2018). His extensive background and prior success with various teams make him a compelling choice for the Titans’ head coaching position.

The organization’s thorough search for Vrabel’s replacement involved multiple candidates, with second interviews granted to noteworthy figures such as Panthers offensive coordinator Thomas Brown and Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn. 

Callah, recognised for his success with the Bengal’s offense

Brian Callahan has been an integral part of the Cincinnati Bengals’ coaching staff, specifically as their offensive coordinator, since 2019. In his inaugural season with the Bengals, the former Bengals’ OC contributed significantly to the team’s offensive prowess, witnessing a substantial increase in rushing average over the course of the season.

During the 2021 season, Callahan’s strategic input propelled the Bengals’ offense to a top-10 ranking in both scoring and passing across the league. The team’s impressive performance even led them to Super Bowl LVI.

Under Callahan’s leadership, the Bengals secured their second consecutive division title and made a noteworthy appearance in the AFC Championship Game in the preceding season. 

One of Callahan’s standout accomplishments lies in his role in the development of quarterbacks Joe Burrow and Jake Browning. His coaching prowess was evident, as he played a pivotal role in guiding Joe Burrow to his first career Pro Bowl selection.

Additionally, when Burrow faced the challenge of a season-ending injury, Callahan provided critical support to Browning as the team’s interim starting quarterback. His support let Browning maintain a commendable 4-3 record, keeping the Bengals in contention for a playoff spot.

As the Titans seek a turnaround, the potential addition of Callahan could bring a fresh perspective and offensive prowess to revitalize their team in the upcoming seasons.


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