NFL trade rumors: DeAndre Hopkins passes his physical tests to officially sign with the Titans

Veteran players like Aaron Rodgers obtained their anticipated team during this offseason, while Lamar Jackson secured his awaited contract. However, Pro Bowler DeAndre Hopkins was unable to put together his ideal team or negotiate a hefty deal.

Hopkins’ luck is now officially knotted with the Tennessee Titans after having a split with his former team Arizona Cardinals this offseason. But the wide receiver’s move was not well received by his supporters.

DeAndre Hopkins officially signs with the Titans

DeAndre commenced his NFL career with the Houston Texans, and after being acquired in a blockbuster trade, the coated athlete became part of the Arizona Cardinals, earning him a spot among the league’s top receivers.

After failing to locate a viable trade partner for him in May, the Cardinals subsequently declared him a free agency. The 31-year-old has decided to take the Titans’ two-year $26 million offer, which could be worth up to $32 million with incentives, after nearly two months of exploring.

Hopkins’ medical checkup to determine his eligibility to join their roster for this season put the deal on hold at first. As the former Cardinals player passed the exam with flying colors, he officially entered the Titans’ inexperienced wideout group as the most experienced receiver.

NFL fans’ reaction to DeAndre Hopkins’s Titans signing

Many NFL clubs who were lacking veteran receivers were said to be interested in Hopkins when the five-time Pro Bowler was released by his team. The Titans and the New England Patriots were two of them who had approached the table to make a deal with him. The Titans were allegedly “more aggressive” at the table than Bill Belichick’s team.

Thus, he was unable to do anything but give the Titans the go-ahead. His choice disappointed his supporters since they thought he would eventually add him as a potent weapon for the finest quarterback in the game in a tough team like the Patriots.

The receiver’s supporters then went to great lengths to paint him as a money-hungry person who valued material possessions above winning the Super Bowl or at the very least a playoff.

Hopkins won’t be able to effectively use his ten years of playing expertise on the Titans because they are statistically not a very strong club. As a result, many supporters also believe that he destroyed his football career in order to make money.

Before the detractors started saying anything on Twitter, DHop had already responded to them. His on-field play will now serve as additional justification for his Titans contract.

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