NFL Trade Rumors: Seahawks reportedly hiring Alabama coach Ryan Grubb as new OC

With the 2023 season behind them, the Seattle Seahawks are now focused on strengthening their coaching staff ahead of the upcoming 2024 campaign. Following their head coach Pete Carroll’s departure after 14 seasons amid speculation, the team parted ways with offensive coordinator Shane Waldron, concluding his three-season tenure in Seattle.

Now, having secured a replacement for their former head coach, the team’s attention turns to finding a successor for Waldron, with Ryan Grubb being eyed to fill the vacancy.

Seahawks interested to bring in Ryan Grubb

The Seahawks are poised to name Grubb as their next offensive coordinator, according to a report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Friday night. The decision follows a meeting between Grubb, Macdonald, and Seahawks general manager John Schneider on Friday night to finalize the details.

With this appointment, Grubb embarks on his first NFL venture under the leadership of the Seahawks’ new head coach, Mike Mcdonald. He joins as the third coordinator hired for Macdonald’s staff, bringing a wealth of experience primarily from the high school and college levels.

While NFL teams typically do not disclose contract terms for coordinator positions, it is evident that the Seahawks are placing significant trust in Grubb as he assumes a crucial role on Macdonald’s coaching staff.

Grubb’s extensive background as a coach at various institutions, including South Dakota State, Sioux Falls, Eastern Michigan, and Fresno State, sets him apart for the Seahawks’ offensive coordinator role, per

Surprisingly, despite his limited NFL experience, the former college coach emerged as the preferred candidate for the Seahawks during the hiring process, showcasing the team’s unwavering belief in his coaching prowess.

While the Seahawks had their eyes on Grubb from the outset, they delayed making the official announcement to allow a 30-day window for Alabama players to enter the transfer portal.

During the search process, the Seahawks also considered other candidates, such as Chip Kelly and Tanner Engstrand, the passing game coordinator for the Detroit Lions. Meanwhile, Kelly opted to accept a job offer from Ohio State, concluding his six-season tenure with UCLA.

Ryan Grubb previously declared to snub the NFL move

Speculation was rife on Wednesday when Ryan Grubb made an appearance at a booster function on national signing day for Alabama. At the event, he addressed his next steps, seemingly confirming his commitment to Alabama. 

“I’m Ryan Grubb, I’m your new offensive coordinator,” he said.

Despite his announcement, Alabama’s official website still only listed DeBoer under its coaches section. On Friday, the news broke that Grubb would be leaving DeBoer to return to Seattle, revealing the truth.

Now, his move to the Seahawks brings with it great expectations, as he has the responsibility of rejuvenating an offense that ranked 17th in points and 21st in yards during the 2023 season. Grubb expressed his dedication to improving the Seahawks’ offensive performance when discussing his plans for the team.

With his extensive coaching experience and proven track record, Grubb is seen as a valuable addition to the Seahawks coaching staff. 

It will remain to be seen how he will make use of the Seahawks’ offensive strategy and performance in the upcoming season.

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