Nick Kyrgios sees backlash from tennis fans, labelled hypocrite for posing with smoking Mike Tyson after past complaint

The Box Office, Nick Kyrgios is the most enigmatic figure in the tennis world. Kyrgios has proven in several instances that he has the innate talent and brilliance to dominate on the court, yet hasn’t had a breakthrough in his career. The 2023 season has been especially slow for the Box Office due to the injuries following a house break-in, at the beginning of this year!

Even off-court, Nick has been getting into several debacles throughout the year and it has happened again. While drama and chaos always revolve around Nick, he has garnered a truly peculiar fanbase. One extreme is absolute adoration of this rules-breaking icon or the other extreme of vehemently despising the Aussie tennis icon.

Nick Kyrgios was criticized for posing alongside smoking Mike Tyson

It hasn’t been weeks since Nick Kyrgios received hate for his comments on the Saudi PIF. Now, the Box Office shared a picture of the Baddest Man on the Planet, Mike Tyson smoking! This one picture evokes such strong emotions in fans, leaving no room for indifference.

Several fans have made a lot of positive comments on Nick getting to meet such a legend and two of the iconic athletes meeting. One fan even writes: “Good on you getting close with the greatest, gather some wisdom and come back stronger.”

The other polar opinions throw hate on how the two “boy boys” of the sports world came together. Kyrgios shares that something big is coming up with this duo and fans are disgusted by the fact that the Box Office is collaborating with a man with a rather horrifying track record outside the sports field.


Given that Kyrgios has been nicknamed the ‘Wild Thing of Tennis’ as well for the chaos he gets himself into, this recent move isn’t too surprising.

Nick Kyrgios complains about the smell of marijuana at US Open last year

Among such brash criticism, one fan also points out how the same Aussie icon complained about smelling marijuana during the US Open in an attempt to point out the hypocrisy. They write: “Remember the time Kyrgios complained about smelling marijuana in the air in New York?”

The setting definitely was much different as the Box Office called this out in one of the more elite tennis event stages and the recent post was during his informal meet-up with Mike Tyson. However, everything about this ‘bad boys’ collaboration does not seem to settle right with a huge portion of the sports community.

What are your thoughts on Mike Tyson and Nick Kyrgios collaborating? Let us know your guesses in the comments!

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