Northwood HC feels ex-NBA player Tyler Zeller coaching Tar Heels basketball team is ‘true blessing’ for the kids

Former NBA center Tyler Zeller arguably had a good level of results in the league as a player and has appeared to be a great lover of the game, even after retirement. Zeller’s eight-year journey in the league saw him have stints with seven different NBA teams and significantly leave a mark on each franchise.

Interestingly, the game’s lover, Tyler Zeller, seemingly embracing coaching experience following great success, has received enormous praise from a renowned college basketball team head coach.

Northwood HC hails Tyler Zeller

In a situation where assistant coach Tyler Zeller would be mentioned among some elite NBA stars such as Steph Curry and Draymond Green, whom he played alongside, the Northwood Chargers would be in disbelief.

The Head coach of Northwood says former NBA player Tyler Zeller coaching Tar Heels basketball team is ‘true blessing’ for the kids
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However, head coach Matthew Brown would only smile and feel old. Per reports, this current season makes it the third time Zeller has been working with the Chargers boys’ basketball team. It’s reported that the arrangement came after a family friend from Zeller’s days in Indiana introduced him to Northwood Athletic Director Cameron Vernon, who he later introduced Zeller to at Brown.

Brown disclosed this to Chapelboro: “It started off with him coming over maybe once a week, then he started getting really, really involved. Going into last year, during our playoff run, he was on the bench the whole time. He’s at our practices now, almost every day. It’s just been a true blessing.”

Moving forward, Brown now has enormous praise for Zeller, whom he describes as the team’s offensive coordinator, as he regularly draws up play in huddles. Meanwhile, Zeller had informed Chapelboro that he was between being a consultant and an assistant. Among the young stars that Zeller guides is newly recruited senior Drake Powell, a youngster who is destined for bigger things due to his talents. The head coach, Matthew Brown, has commended Zeller’s efforts to improve Powell’s on-court output.

Tyler Zeller embraces coaching experience

Following the success of Tyler Zeller as an assistant coach, especially his obvious impact on Powell’s output, the former NBA player is seemingly motivated to embrace more coaching experience. Zeller disclosed that coaching is a feasible endeavor for him, as soon as his kids are a little older.

Zeller said, “I love to coach. I love being around basketball, having a role where I can be around the game, hopefully help kids grow and become better players, is definitely something I would be interested in.”

The Head coach of Northwood says former NBA player Tyler Zeller coaching Tar Heels basketball team is ‘true blessing’ for the kids
Tyler Zeller Via Getty

Furthermore, Tyler Zeller is known to have engaged in a couple of activities so far. He plays in the UNC alumni matchups at the Smith Center, does radio work with Jones Angell on the Tar Heel Sports Network and also includes his consultant (assistant) role at the Northwood.

Nevertheless, Zeller, who almost went straight from an NBA career to being a coach, sounds quite impressive, and his quality on-court experience would be a great way for the younger players with dreams of an NBA career to resonate. Perhaps if Zeller aims to grow in his coaching capacity, he could be coaching a renowned team in the NBA someday, which could afford him the chance to express his love for the game more.

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