“Oh! sh*t up”: Piers Morgan brutally responds to Megan Rapinoe’s statement after her USWNT retirement

It is indeed adorable when footballers use their fame and resources to advocate for social and welfare justice. However, when their advocacy is either controversial or affects their performance on the pitch, they get criticised and sometimes asked to focus on their primary calling. Marcus Rashord was once on top of welfare advocacy in England, feeding school pupils, but his form on the pitch dropped drastically, and fans, though applauding his laudable achievements, also told him to focus on football.

Megan Rapinoe’s case is slightly more complicated than that; she chose a path of advocacy that is indeed controversial. Better arguments have often dismissed her argument for equal pay in women’s games. Now, Piers Morgan, her arch-critic, has launched a new dig at her after she announced her retirement.

Piers Morgan slams Megan Rapinoe’s post-USWNT retirement remark

The USWNT were the defending champions of the Women’s World Cup who had previously secured victory in the two most recent editions of FIFA’s premier event. However, they were shamefully eliminated in the round of 16 in Australia and New Zealand. Their exit came after a disappointing performance in a penalty shootout against Sweden, where they failed to deliver when it mattered most.

Megan Rapinoe, the former USWNT captain and, in an engaging 0-0 draw in the game against Sweden, made a substitute appearance but was unable to make an impact from the penalty spot. Her spot-kick attempt failed to trouble the goalkeeper in any manner.

Megan Rapinoe
Credits: Clutch Points.

Following this crucial penalty miss, Piers Morgan, an outspoken British television host, hurled at Megan Rapinoe a sarcastically berating comment, as he likes to, saying, “Unexpected turn of events.” Piers Morgan has always criticised the 38-year-old Megan. He thinks some of her opinions and agitations for social justice and equal pay in women’s games are borne out of unreasonable sentiments. Hence, he further lashed out at her when she released a statement announcing her retirement from football.

“I think in the years prior to that, us being so vocal about racial justice and gay rights and feeling like the team really stepped into a new era of being itself and really took upon itself to be so much more than what we were on the field and really focus on that. That was just incredibly special, and I don’t think anything could ever really live up to that. I think those were some of my best moments in this jersey, at least,” Rapinoe said in her retirement statement.

Piers Morgan characteristically replied, “You’ve left endorsing something that would destroy women’s rights to fairness and equality – THAT is your legacy.”

Soccer fans celebrate Megan Rapinoe’s USWNT retirement

Megan Rapinoe initially hinted at her retirement, even before her critical penalty miss at the Women’s World Cup concluded months ago. The legendary forward retired with an impressive record of 202 caps and 63 international goals to her name.

Megan Rapinoe’s retirement statement has indeed sparked a wide range of views and opinions. Some believe that her legacy has been more harmful than beneficial, possibly due to her outspoken nature on various social and political issues.

On the other hand, some view her as a hero, applauding her for using her platform to advocate for important causes and her contributions to women’s soccer. Public perception of public figures like Rapinoe often varies significantly, reflecting the diverse perspectives of fans and observers.

CharlyOnTV sarcastically captioned one of her sessions, “It’s a beautiful day in sports because Megan Rapinoe has retired,” In response to Rapinoe’s retirement. Others simply commented, “Happy retirement Megan Rapinoe.”

These events are in their essence the engagement post pitch and every player stays under strict scrutiny engaged in these periods. It is essential for players to focus on their game first before engaging in social controversies as their game shall influence the fans first. Nonetheless, only the times shall tell, how this game is being utilized as a platform.


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