Ohio State football’s TreVeyon Henderson silences NFL Draft Rumors with shocking revelation

With the 2024 NFL draft on the horizon, aspiring college football players are immersed in the rigorous preparations that could potentially shape their professional careers at the national level. The announcements from Drake Maye and Brenden Rice declaring their draft eligibility have already set the stage, but the spotlight now turns to other promising talents, notably Ohio State’s standout, TreVeyon Henderson.

Amid eager anticipation from NFL enthusiasts to witness the emergence of college stars into the professional realm, Henderson has made waves with a surprising revelation that adds an interesting twist to the draft chronicle.

TreVeyon Henderson eliminates NFL Draft rumors with surprising announcement

Ohio State Buckeyes have been a powerhouse in college football, boasting exceptional talents like wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. and TreVeyon Henderson. As the 2023 season drew to a close, the NFL prospects of these two-star players became a topic of hot speculation.

Harrison Jr. has been driven by a fervent desire to conquer archrival Michigan and secure a Big Ten championship. However, as fate would have it, these defining goals remained elusive. He finds himself at a crossroads, contemplating whether to extend his tenure in the Buckeyes’ colors or venture into the world of the NFL.

Similarly, Henderson finds himself in a quandary despite being touted as one of the top running backs in the potential 2024 NFL draft class. Recent social media clarification regarding his undecided future sheds light on the uncertainty surrounding his next steps.

“I have never announced nor made a decision on what my next steps would be, excited to see where God leads my next steps though!”, he wrote on X.

The young star’s meteoric rise began with a stunning freshman year, where he amassed impressive statistics. Accumulating 1,248 rushing yards, 15 touchdowns on the ground, and an additional 312 yards with 4 aerial scores, his incredible prowess has earned him the accolade of a first-team All-Big Ten selection.

The RB’s remarkable three-year tenure at Ohio State, comprising 2673 rushing yards, 32 rushing touchdowns, and 569 receiving yards, made him a premier talent in collegiate football. The looming question remains whether he will join the NFL draft in 2024, while speculations hint at the interest of teams like the Dallas Cowboys, eyeing him as a potential target if available during the draft.

Meanwhile, the potential departure of TreVeyon Henderson would significantly impact Ohio State’s RB roster, potentially leaving the team depleted in that position. Losing four of its five scholarship RBs from the current season, including transfers and NFL declarations, adds weight to the decision-making process for the Buckeyes.

Henderson upper-body injury

The Buckeyes’ season was not without its challenges, especially when TreVeyon Henderson faced an injury during a crucial match against Notre Dame. With just over 12 minutes left in the second quarter, he encountered a tackle by two Notre Dame players, followed by a hit from senior linebacker Marist Liufau.

The precise location of the impact remained obscured by the broadcast view. Details surrounding Henderson’s injury initially remained veiled as neither he nor the team disclosed specific information. Ohio State traditionally refrains from divulging extensive injury updates.

Despite the setback, the young star displayed an unparalleled determination by reentering the game. His pivotal 61-yard touchdown in the third quarter underscored his impact on Ohio State’s triumphant 17-14 win. The Buckeyes footballer’s impressive performance culminated in 104 yards, contributing significantly to the team’s victory.

After a recent win against Wisconsin, the RB shed light on the reason behind his absence in the preceding three games, attributing it to a “cheap shot” endured during the Notre Dame clash, per Dispatch.

TreVeyon Henderson’s stature as one of the nation’s premier RBs is unquestionable when in optimal health, although his journey has been marked by challenges.

Amidst his nine appearances this season, his contributions have been nothing short of stellar: 854 yards from 154 rushing attempts, with an impressive 6.2 yards per carry, and eleven rushing touchdowns. His versatility further manifests itself through 19 receptions for 229 yards.

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