One unusual habit Mike Muscala has when joining a new NBA team that may worry future clubs

Over the years it has been noticed that players often develop odd superstitions and habits that they continue doing throughout their professional journey in their respective sports. Mike Muscala is no exception to it.

Muscala has been around the NBA scene for over a decade now. The center has moved around quite a bit since his draft in 2013 which has led to a rather detailed situation. The 32-year-old is now a full-fledged journeyman of the game and is leaving an example that not only the players but also any professional can follow.

Mike Muscala’s unusual habit when joining a new NBA team

Mike Muscala raised a lot of curiosity of the NBA fans with his constant updates on LinkedIn profile when he joins a new team. As observed by the Front Office Sports, the NBA veteran keeps updating his profile like a regular person does on social media for greater career opportunities.

Muscala has kept his profile well organized and paid special attention to details which shows his dedication towards his professional life. This could encourage his contemporaries to follow the same path.

The premium account holder, Muscala showed gratitude to his former team, the Detroit Pistons for his time there, which could be sarcastic provided he stayed less than two months there. Likewise, the future clubs should be a little worried as he usually had a brief-stay in all the previous franchises.

With his digital presence Muscala bridged the gap between athletes and regular professionals.

OKC Thunder signed Mike Muscala from Piston

Mike Muscala recently joined his former team, the Oklahoma Thunder after a short stay in the Pistons. Previously, he had stayed with OKC for a little less than four years and performed well in his role.

He managed to average 3.8 points, 2.8 rebounds and 0.9 assists while shooting at 35.8% from the field and 31.8% from the 3-point range in the 13.8 minutes time he was provided to play per game this season.

The OKC Thunder are currently at the top of the Western Conference table with a 42-18 win-loss record. Joining the title contenders at this moment, Muscala could bring a lot to the table. The center backup could help in mentoring the ROTY title contender Chet Holmgren and boost the team. With his shooting abilities and versatility, the veteran could help the team’s offense as well.

Despite lacking great defensive abilities, with his ten seasons of experience in the NBA, Muscala could prove to be a wise trade as a backup and if OKC go on to lift the NBA championship, Muscala will certainly have a glorious achievement to add to his detailed LinkedIn profile.

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