Patrick Beverley’s girlfriend Mandana Bolourchi accompanies her $544,510 Rolls-Royce to make world notice her birthday

Patrick Beverley’s girlfriend Bolourchi has been making quite the splash lately, flaunting her Rolls Royce and a billboard advertisement to celebrate her birthday in style.

Patrick Beverly, who has made significant strides this season coming off the bench, has proven to be an invaluable player for the 76ers. Not only has he excelled on the court, but his personal life seems to be thriving as well, as his girlfriend recently shared a photo showcasing their strong bond.

Patrick Beverley’s girlfriend shows off birthday billboard

Patrick Beverley’s girlfriend Mandana Bolourchi recently celebrated her birthday by booking a billboard and sharing it on her Instagram. She snapped a picture of herself next to her luxurious Rolls Royce, capturing the billboard displaying her birthday wish. She flexed both her car and the billboard with the caption, “My answer when people ask me why I had a billboard up for my Birthday.”

Her caption was a slap on the face of the people who tell her that she is going overboard by hiring a billboard for her birthday. Mandana is an independent woman who is a successful entrepreneur and has collaborated with multiple luxury fashion brands, such as Harper’s Bazaar and Dolce & Gabbana. Apart from that, she is also a very clever investor who usually invests in real estate to sustain her luxurious wants.

Mandana Bolourchi’s strict no-touching policy for Patrick Beverley

Mandana Bolourchi recently posted a photo of her boyfriend demonstrating his “no touching policy” and applauded her man on Instagram. Pat Bev and Mandana visited the Philadelphia 76ers Youth Foundation Gala, where Pat did some fanservice and took some photos with them, showing his appreciation for their support.

Patrick Beverley's Girlfriend
Credits: the.mandana/Instagram

While doing so, Mandana noticed that Patrick wasn’t touching any of the female fans and she found it a relatable thing to post on Instagram. She quickly snapped a photo of Patrick with a female fan and captioned it “The only way you man should take photos with fans” highlighting Patrick not touching the fan. Patrick is an NBA star and a popular podcaster who talks about the league and the players. He is bound to get a lot of attention when out in public. However, he knows how to not get in trouble with his girlfriend.

What do you think of Patrick Beverley’s girlfriend on Instagram? Do you think that every NBA star should be considerate like Pat Bev? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and let us know.

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