Patrick Mahomes embraces “frustration” as sign of true dedication

Patrick Mahomes had the chance to earn a new feat of earning eight straight AFC West titles for his team by securing the match against the Las Vegas Raiders. The quarterback turned Santa for his Kansas City Chiefs offensive linemen by giving them personalized gifts ahead of their Week 16 clash, thinking they could earn the mark.

However, the Chiefs failed to live up to the sky-high expectations and went down to the Raiders. Apart from the Week 16 loss, the 2023 NFL season witnessed Mahomes, renowned for his composure. The signal-caller has recently shared his take regarding his outburst in several games.

Patrick Mahomes on Losing: Responding with passion and dedication

During a media session on Wednesday, Mahomes addressed the growing buzz around his visible discontent, attributing it to his unwavering competitive nature and shedding light on the innate desire to succeed that drives him.

“I just don’t think I like losing. Anybody can be frustrated when they lose. It’s just about how you respond,” Mahomes stated according to Fox News.

Contrary to viewing his frustrations as a negative aspect, Mahomes emphasized that they are a testament to the team’s collective commitment to success. 

“I think people see frustration, and they think it causes controversy. I see it as a way of showing that people care. They care about their profession. They care about trying to do whatever they can do to win games,” he explained.

In Mahomes’ eyes, these outbursts of frustration are not indicative of selfish motives but rather a genuine concern for the team’s performance and a shared commitment to improvement. 

“When I see stuff like that happen, obviously, we want to be in the positive light and all of that. I see someone that cares about the game and someone who wants to be better, not better for themselves but better for the team.”

One of the most notable instances of Mahomes’ visible frustration occurred in the closing moments of the Chiefs’ loss to the Buffalo Bills. Kadarius Toney’s offside call drew Mahomes into an emotional outburst directed at officials, leading to a subsequent fine. Despite the Chiefs bouncing back with a win, Mahomes found himself again expressing frustration, this time directed at Toney’s performance.

The frustrations reached a boiling point in the Chiefs’ recent loss to the Raiders. Mahomes was seen visibly agitated, directing his frustration toward some of his offensive linemen as the team struggled against the Raiders.

Notably, this season is the first time in Mahomes’ illustrious career that the Chiefs’ offense has encountered difficulties heading into the playoffs. The unexpected challenges seem to have pushed Mahomes to a breaking point.

Amidst offensive challenges, Mahomes’ statistics have seen a decline this season. His season performance comprises 3,938 passing yards at an average of 262.5 per game. Completing 380 out of 568 passes (66.9%), Mahomes has thrown 26 touchdown passes and 14 interceptions. Additionally, he has contributed 71 carries for 387 yards.

With the struggling offense, the two-time Super Bowl winner is not seemingly on his way to holding his legacy and bagging this season’s Lombardi Trophy 

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