Patrick Mahomes turbulent game turns classy with postgame Maxx Crosby moment

In Patrick Mahomes’ tenure as the starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, this season marks the first instance of facing significant challenges. Over the past four games, the team has encountered defeats in three of them.

The most recent setback came from the Las Vegas Raiders, a team the Chiefs had convincingly triumphed over in Week 12. Although the Chiefs team this time fell short of the Raiders this time around, Mahomes’ resilience and sportsmanship did not.

Patrick Mahomes challenging game ends with a touch of sportsmanship

At Arrowhead Stadium, the Kansas City Chiefs were determined to etch their legacy in the AFC for the eighth consecutive year. Nevertheless, fate did not allow so, as an unexpected 14-20 loss dashed their hopes, leaving them with a 9-6 record for the season and out of contention for the coveted No. 1 seed in the AFC.

Amidst the disappointment, Patrick Mahomes showcased unwavering sportsmanship, turning a bitter defeat into a display of camaraderie.

Pat shared a gentle hug with Maxx Crosby after the final whistle, transcending the frustrations of the game. The defeat marked a departure from their usual dominance but didn’t diminish Mahomes’ commitment to respect and sportsmanship.

This gracious gesture by Mahomes stands in stark contrast to a previous encounter with the Buffalo Bills. In a video captured during their clash, Mahomes was visibly agitated, expressing his discontent with a call during his post-game interaction with the Bills’ starter, Josh Allen. However, Mahomes, recognizing the importance of maintaining sportsmanship, later issued a heartfelt apology to the Bills quarterback.

The recent loss at Arrowhead could have been another trigger for Patrick Mahomes, yet he chose a different path as he perhaps understood he and his offensive team were mainly responsible for the loss. Hence, he himself should digest his anger, not the opponent.

Antonio Pierce’s defensive strategy handed Patrick Mahomes his inaugural career division loss in the months of November or December. The Chiefs, known for their offensive prowess, were stifled to a mere 4.2 yards per play, and the relentless defense managed to force two crucial turnovers, each promptly converted into a touchdown.

Throughout the game, the Raiders’ defensive line, spearheaded by standout performers Crosby and Malcolm Koonce, asserted dominance with a collective effort of four sacks and seven tackles for loss.

The relentless pressure kept Mahomes on the move, disrupting the Chiefs’ usual rhythm and contributing significantly to the Raiders’ victory. Pat, in particular, racked up 235 yards, one touchdown and one interception on 27-of-44 passing.

Patrick Mahomes’ sideline flare-up caught on camera

During the Week 16 clash against the Raiders on Christmas Day, the cameras captured Mahomes in an animated sideline outburst that spoke volumes about the frustrations bubbling beneath the surface.

The first quarter of the game unfolded as a nightmare for the Chiefs, recording a dismal minus-18 yards of total offense. The frustration reached its peak as Mahomes, renowned for his calm demeanor, was seen vehemently expressing his discontent to the offensive linemen on the bench.

The dismal start against the Raiders had a surreal quality, almost as if the Chiefs had been preoccupied with holiday festivities rather than the game strategy. The first three drives yielded meager results, with only one first down (courtesy of a penalty) and a negative 10 yards of total offense.

The two-time MVP found himself in an uncharacteristic struggle. The first half saw him manage just 97 passing yards, coupled with the costly mishaps of a ‘pick six’ and a fumble, both converted into defensive touchdowns. In a matter of seconds, the Chiefs’ comfortable lead turned into a narrow 17-7 margin.

The frustration evident on Patrick Mahomes’ face wasn’t a silent brooding; it was a vocal expression of his discontent. CBS Sports’ cameras captured him in a rare moment, passionately admonishing the offensive linemen. This season has seen Mahomes more vocal than ever, with this episode shining a spotlight on his leadership style and the challenges the Chiefs have faced.

It’s not the first time Mahomes has worn his emotions on his sleeve. In the Chiefs’ previous loss to the Bills, he vented his frustrations post-game, earning him a hefty fine for appearing to criticize officials. The Christmas Day outburst serves as a reminder that even the brightest stars endure moments of frustration.

What’s your take on Patrick Mahomes’ struggling season?

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