Patriots QB Mac Jones likely wants to to remain in New England amid trade speculation

Bill Belichick had lofty expectations for quarterback Mac Jones following the departure of Tom Brady. However, the starter’s performance couldn’t live up to those expectations. The Patriots once boasted a golden dynasty, but they are now one of the worst teams in the league.

The consecutive lackluster performance ultimately cost Belichick his job after more than two decades with the Patriots. The Patriots have mutually parted ways with the head coach and are seemingly looking to move on from Jones as well, despite his willingness to stick to the squad.

Mac Jones doesn’t want to leave Patriots

The Patriots are looking for a transition period with Belichick’s departure and Jerod Mayo stepping in as head coach. The future of Mac Jones hangs in the balance, but he has indirectly expressed a desire to remain with the Patriots. The QB’s commitment to staying with the franchise was evident in his recent social media activity. He recently liked a post on X urging him to remain with the Pats to help uplift the team in the post-Brady era.

However, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for the young star in New England. The relationship between him and the Patriots hit a rough patch during their Week 18 clash against the New York Jets. He openly expressed frustration over communication issues within the team.

Mac Jones felt sidelined and overlooked despite his dedicated efforts to improve. He had to grapple with challenges and uncertainties throughout the season, including being benched in Week 12 in favor of Bailey Zappe.

The QB had a brief stint dealing with a medical issue, but he remained committed to his growth and development. Nevertheless, he felt his efforts were often disregarded by the coaching staff, which ultimately led to a breakdown in trust and communication.

NFL Draft-focused Patriots reportedly planning to trade Mac Jones

Mac Jones slipped to third place by the end of the 2023 season. He is likely to be traded in the coming weeks, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. This decision aligns with the Patriots’ intent to revamp their quarterback position for the 2024 season.

The Patriots have the third overall pick in the upcoming NFL draft and have a prime opportunity to secure a promising quarterback. NFL insider Tom Pelissero revealed that during offensive coordinator interviews, one of the key questions was about evaluating top quarterbacks. The hiring of offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt also suggests a focus on developing a young quarterback, reinforcing the notion that the Patriots are eyeing a signal-caller in the draft.

The Patriots could even release Mac Jones without adverse effects on their 2024 salary cap. Despite an impressive rookie season leading the Patriots to the playoffs, the QB struggled in his sophomore campaign. He threw almost as many interceptions as touchdowns over the past couple of seasons.

Potential replacements of Jones include Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, and Jayden Daniels, per BroBible. They all are considered Day 1 possibilities in the upcoming draft. However, there is also a speculation that the Patriots might leverage their third overall pick in a trade or opt for a free agency acquisition to address the quarterback position.

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