Patriots reportedly pushing hard to land J.J. McCarthy amid Vikings rumor

J.J. McCarthy showcased his talent this past season by leading the Michigan Wolverines to a flawless 15-0 record and a national championship triumph over Washington. The signal-caller played in a predominantly run-focused offense under former coach Jim Harbaugh. However, his skill and potential stood out.

McCarthy is touted as one of the top prospect after declaring his NFL draft, with even Harbaugh tipping him as a potential No. 1 pick. The New England Patriots are rumored to be vying for him, while whispers of interest from the Minnesota Vikings are also surfacing.

Pats reportedly pushing hard to get J.J. McCarthy

The Patriots are making a strong push to secure J.J. McCarthy. According to insider information from NFL analyst Tony Pauline via, the team’s de facto GM, EliotWolf,f is championing the quarterback as a top prospect. Wolf touts his potential upside as comparable to any other quarterback in the draft.

“I’m not big on McCarthy being a top-10 selection, but the UM signal caller to New England was the buzz on the pro-day circuit. De facto general manager Eliot Wolf is pushing hard for McCarthy, and he believes he has as much upside as any quarterback in this draft”, wrote NFL insider Tony Pauline via

Some skeptics may question the signal-caller’s status as a top-10 pick. However, his impressive performances during pro-day workouts have garnered attention and endorsements from influential figures within the Patriots organization.

The Michigan star isn’t the only quarterback on the Patriots’ radar, with LSU’s Jayden Daniels and UNC’s Drake Maye also meeting with the team ahead of the draft. However, his standout attributes and strong showing during workouts have elevated his status as a potential target for the Patriots. The Pats are keen to bolster their quarterback depth chart following Mac Jones’ trade.

J.J. McCarthy completed over 67% of his passes for over 6,000 yards and amassed an impressive touchdown-to-interception ratio. His ability to contribute in the running game with 10 rushing touchdowns was also significant.

J.J. McCarthy linked to Vikings

Former Vikings general manager Rick Spielman’s recent remarks on the With the First Pick podcast have ignited speculation about the team’s intentions in this year’s draft. Spielman suggested that the team may go to great lengths, including trading multiple picks and future draft capital, to secure J.J. McCarthy as their franchise quarterback.

“They’re (the Vikings) going to have to give (picks 11 and 23) and their 2025 first, plus some more draft capital. I think J.J. (McCarthy) will be a good pro, but Minnesota will overpay to get him. At this point, they don’t have a choice (given their current QB room)”, Spielman said via On3.

There is a possibility that McCarthy could fall to the Vikings at their current draft position. However, rumors suggest that the team is unwilling to take that risk. ESPN earlier reported that Vikings general manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah was actively exploring options to move up in the draft order, with the aim of securing McCarthy’s talents.

Adofo-Mensah and head coach Kevin O’Connell were absent at McCarthy’s pro day. Nevertheless, the Vikings have made their interest clear through the presence of McCarthy’s quarterback coach, Josh McCown.

The potential acquisition of McCarthy represents a significant investment for the Vikings, both in terms of draft capital and future prospects. However, the potential of landing a promising quarterback prospect like him may outweigh the costs for a team in need of a long-term solution.


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