Pep Guardiola accused of racism after presser footage shows Manchester City manager’s “Korean guy” statement

Managers as popular as Pep Guardiola must always take responsibility for what they say in the press, but even more important than that is being careful of what comes out of their mouths. Facing the camera is never an easy thing to go through for some, but when you’ve been doing it consistently for over a decade, it becomes second nature.

Pep hasn’t been the best of people when it comes to saying the right things in front of the camera. If he’s not lashing out at officials, he’s saying something about how much money other clubs spend on transfers. Sadly, he’s under the microscope for some things he said that were perceived to be racist remarks.

Pep Guardiola’s presser debacle

Pep Guardiola may find himself in hot water over his recent comments on Wolves’ attacker, Hwang Hee-chan. While commenting on the attacking talents in the Wolves team, Guardiola labelled Hwang as “the Korean guy,” prompting an outburst on social media, with many people accusing the Manchester City manager of racism.

“And when you see the quality that they have individually, especially up front with Neto, Cunha, and the Korean guy,” Guardiola said in the press conference ahead of City’s clash against Wolves. In defense of Guardiola, a fan said, “Let’s just hope that’s the language barrier.”

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Guardiola had once been accused of racism by former Manchester City player Yaya Toure in the past. The former Barcelona and City playmaker accused Pep Guardiola of “having issues with Africans wherever he goes,” insisting that Pep always got away with his attitude because he was intelligent.

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“He was cruel with me,” Toure told France Football. “Do you really think he could have been like that with Iniesta? It got to the point I asked myself if it was because of my color. I’m not the first; other Barca players asked the question, too,” he concluded.

Guardiola’s previous comments stirred social media

Pep Guardiola trended on social media for his remark in 2018, with many fans accusing the Manchester City manager of racism. “My kids go to school with Indian people, black people, normal people, people from everywhere,” he said. This caused an outburst on social media about Pep’s perception of white people compared to other races.

“Man just called anyone who is not white abnormal,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “He can’t hide his racism,” another fan provokingly said. It’s not yet clear whether the English FA will charge Pep Guardiola for his comment about the South Korean footballer, but the Spaniard knows he must choose the right words in front of the press.

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