Pep Guardiola’s hilarious reaction to Real Madrid’s ‘closed roof’ request to UEFA amid ISIS’s bomb threats

The UEFA Champions League is back this week, with the quarter final fixtures coming up. The first two games are tonight, with Arsenal hosting Bayern Munich and Real Madrid greeting Manchester City at the iconic Santiago Bernabeu. Both games are expected to be heavyweight clashes, providing plenty of entertainment.

Games of these magnitude are often watched by millions around the world, and many attend the games as well. They create an environment that is helpful to the home side. However, these games often create security issues as well.

Pep Guardiola reacts to Real Madrid’s UEFA request

Ahead of the fixture tonight, Real Madrid have asked UEFA for permission to close the roof of their stadium in the first leg of their UCL clash. The request has already been granted, which means the Santiago Bernabeu will have it’s roofs closed while the match is going on.

As the news was very sudden, City manager Pep Guardiola did not know about it. When asked about it, he had a very hilarious reaction to the information. According to Movistar Futbol, he said, “With the roof closed? Well, let’s see.” while giving out a chuckle. Instead of being concerned, the Spaniard showed his confidence in his team.

The Santiago Bernabeu is one of a kind, being one of the few soccer stadiums in Europe capable of closing their roof as it is retractable. They had previously done the same during their Round of 16 UCL clash against RB Leipzig. The new stadium is one of the best in Europe, and will even host NFL games soon.

Los Blancos are hoping to create a thunderous environment in the stadium by closing the roof, which will reverberate the noise from the home crowd. They are hoping that this will be an advantage against City helping to intimidate them.

ISIS threatens to bomb UEFA Champions League matches

There is now concern over the matches being played, with UEFA earlier receiving a threat from a terrorist organization named ISIS. The Islamic terrorist organization is notorious for attacks all over Europe, and recently posted an image of the four UEFA Champions League venues, saying ‘Kill Them All’. The venues are Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, Paris Saint Germain’s Parc Des Princes, Atletico Madrid’s Wanda Metropolitano and even Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu.

This has put many fans in a state of worry, who have asked for the match to postponed to a later date. However, UEFA has confirmed all the matches will go on as normal in the schedule, while security has been tightened and measures taken to prevent any attack.

Hopefully, the matches will go on as normal and we will be treated to another round of UEFA classic matches.

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